All Of the Lights (That I’ll Miss) in pictures


Written by Lusanda

08 Apr 2021

A woman holding a cheese board and in the blurry background you see people and lights
Photo: Tina Stafrén/

Bye, bye Winter

I did it! I survived my second dark and gloomy Swedish winter! I didn’t expect to, but I really kinda miss winter now that Spring is slowly slipping in. WHAT? Just a year ago I wrote a blog about how difficult the darkness is and wrote a love letter to the sun! You might have read similar blogs by Sara about the horrifying, unbearable, terrible Swedish Winter or Ngyuen’s very handy tips on 3 essential things that will help you survive winter. While we may sound dramatic, experiencing it in real life is much more intense than words can describe. So what changed?

Snowed-over forest path, tall black trees covered with snow and a person in the foreground walking on the path, wearing black winter clothes
Photo: Lusanda / Let it snow, all over the forest paths in Borås

Snow, Baby!

Winter 2021 brought MUCH MORE snow to Borås than Winter 2020 and snow is magical, not only because it’s pretty and fluffy and fun to play in, BUT it also makes the sky brighter. Many friends told me to hang in there because the snow would save the day and reflect the sunlight (as little as it was) and make everything less gloomy. My first winter was full of dark gloomy clouds and constant rain 😥 but this winter, instead of shades of grey, sometimes the sky was whiter and brighter. It also meant less clouds ☁ = more sunlight🌞 = a much happier Lusanda 😁

A bench surrounded by trees covered in snow, facing a frozen riverbank
Photo: Lusanda / Snow on a sunny day is so stunning

The Bright Side

To cope with the darkness, you use a lot of candles and extra lighting to make spaces feel cozy. Around Christmas time, incredible light displays pop up all over 🎆 – outside people’s houses and apartments, around city building and even art installations. So you can feel a little brighter wandering around the city when there’s some magical sparkling lights. You also celebrate Lucia or St Lucy’s Day in December – a Swedish festival of lights, where girls wear candles in their hair and celebrate with song or Diwali, the Indian festival of lights honored in October to November. Now that Spring is coming and there’s more hours of sunlight, these lights are starting to disappear. So that’s making me a little sad. It reminds me that I only have a few months left in Sweden before my programme ends and I don’t know when next I’ll be around for a Swedish Winter😔 (I’m not crying, you’re crying!😭)

A light sculpture of swans around a spiral of fairy lights
Photo: Lusanda/ Swans, in Stockholm, you say?

Let’s walk down memory lane

So scroll through and join my short stroll through some incredible lights (and memories). I’ve had some special help from fellow Digital Ambassadors, Lara in Stockholm and Reuben in Mälmo. They’ve shared some beautiful photos of lights on buildings, on trees, on the street, on sculptures (you get the idea, there’s a lot of lights😉)

Photo: Lusanda / Lights hanging overhead in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Dark evening, a wet glistening street in front of a building with bright red lights
Photo: Reuben/ a gorgeous glistening street and red glowing building in Helsingsborg
A tall tower building lit fully in red lights onto a shiny, black and white triangle designed pavement, behind a bridge reflecting scattered lights. Pedestrians walking under the bridge and a car parked in front.
Photo: Lara / Rainy weather and glistening floors makes some beautiful light reflections in Stockholm
lights reflecting on a glistening street, with a lit up ferris wheel and tree light scuplture in the background
Photo: Lusanda / Lights in Gothenburg on the Gothia Towers building and the Ferris wheel and light sculpture at Liseberg theme park
Hanging fairy lights on a row of streetlamps
Photo: Lusanda / Streetlights are decorated with *even more* sparkly lights
Large historical building with bright lights facing a canal bank, with fairy lights along the canal border
Photo: Lusanda / It’s all about the details, like the lights along the canal bank in front of the Stockholm Opera House

It took me a loooong while to get used to the rain but my mind changed as soon as I saw the streets glisten and reflect all the beautiful lights displayed😍

Festive Lights🎊

Light display around arched hedges, with bright red hearts and a tree full of lights in the background
Photo: Lusanda / Festive light sculptures brighten your winter mood in Borås
Christmas light decorations shaped as balls of rope
Photo: Lusanda / Light decorations around the city centre in Borås
Dark night time, a bright streetlight and trees full of bright purple fairy lights
Photo: Reuben/ A breathtakingly magical streetscape in Helsingsborg
Light display around arched hedges, with a golden star in the centre
Photo: Lusanda / Twinkle twinkle in Borås

Light Sculptures

Are those lights? Is that art? Is it both???
Yes, and they’re extra sparkly as a bonus

blue lights on a light sculpture in front of a large building
Photo: Lara / Light sculptures can even be found (almost) everywhere in Stockholm
golden light sculptures of giant moose
Photo: Lusanda / An epic massive moose light sculpture in Stockholm
Two sculptures of deer, made from white and yellowish fairy lights, illuminated as photo was taken in the dark during the evening. A glass front building and shop window are visible in the the background
Photo: Lusanda / Deer sculptures in Stockholm
Hollow sculpture of a body sitting cross-legged, made out of cut-out shapes and letters
Photo: Lusanda/ “The House Of Knowledge” sculpture outside the Textile Fashion Centre in Borås lights up at night
A light sculpture of a unicorn with white lights and a golden tail, mane and horn
Photo: Reuben / An incredible light sculpture of a Unicorn in Helsingsborg

See you soon, Spring!

So while I’m sad to see these lights disappear, it’s all for a good reason! The sun is slowly springing back and that’s still my favourite light of them all. Spring will have some tricks up its sleeve though – like a random snow storm in the morning, bright sun in the afternoon and rain in the evening😅 BUT once it kicks into full gear, you’ll see just how magical Spring can be!

Until then, stay flexible!

A swing set in between two tall apartment buildings with clouds overhead passing to reveal the sun
Photo: Lusanda / Clouds are clearing overhead and the sun is slowing springing back
silhouette of a large tree in front of a colourful sunset in rainbow colours of blue, purple, pinks, orange, red and yellow
Photo: Lusanda/ We’re blessed with some rare gorgeous sunsets on the countdown to warmer weather

Written by Lusanda

08 Apr 2021