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Forests. Fish. Wildlife. They’re pretty important to us – and to the planet, as it goes. Here in Sweden, we’re in love with our environment, and we’re fiercely protective of it. That’s why we give students who share our passion for a sustainable future the know-how they need to start shaping it.
Just take a look around. Acres and acres (and acres) of lush greenery, dotted with literally thousands of lakes. Added to that: an appetite for innovation in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Fishery that you won’t find anywhere else.
Who says you have to focus on one specialism? Not us! Want to study Economics AND Policy Analysis with a double Master’s degree? Gain in-depth knowledge of wildlife conservation while majoring in Biology? We’ve got you covered.
With our electric buses, bee-friendly cities and commitment to a fossil-fuel free future, you could say we’re the blueprint for a greener tomorrow. And you’re invited to join in. Answer your environmental calling in Sweden with a programme at one of our top universities.

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Why did our Nordic ancestors paint on rocks? Maybe for the same reason we continue to draw and spray paint all over our cities (check out Stockholm metro station, AKA, “the world’s longest art exhibition”). We do it because we value self-expression.
Wherever your passion lies, whether it’s delving into ancient stories told through art, or exploring art’s 3D-printed, immersive future, there’s something for everyone to discover here.
You’ll have the freedom to follow your feelings and experiment, all with the support of internationally active professors, and all against the backdrop of a country alive with art.
If it’s bangers you’re after, we know a little bit about that too – from ABBA to Avicii, hard rock to Hit Me Baby One More Time, if you’ve had it stuck in your head, it’s probably been produced here.
Torn between an interest in real-life stories and a passion for drawing? Combine the two with our Interaction Design programme. Want to save the environment AND serve looks at the same time? We have fashion and sustainability programmes that could be perfect for you. Whatever you do, don’t settle!

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Knowing how to communicate across cultures and borders has never been more important than it is right now. We’re connected. Really connected. And that connectedness has knock-on effects for how business, economics and innovation are handled around the world.
Here in Sweden, we’ve been quietly innovating for years and years. That desk you’re reading this at? IKEA. Those tracksuit bottoms you’ve been wearing since the dawn of Zoom calls? H&M. The vacuum you wrestled with earlier? Electrolux. And the future of electric vehicles? Us too.
Our inventions have been helping the world for generations, thanks in no small part to our attitude to innovation: If at first you don’t succeed, don’t succeed again. And again. And again.
Learn to solve practical problems of worldwide companies with Business Intelligence. Lead the energy transition towards a more sustainable society with Sustainability and Leadership. Enjoy the freedom to fail and a different way to do business in Sweden with a programme in Business, Administration or Economics.

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Big data. Big scary data. Big scary USEFUL data? In Sweden, absolutely. You see, computer science is the secret ingredient in shaping a fairer – and, frankly, more fun – future. From programming computer games, to deep thinking that could help diagnose diseases, or tackle climate change, we’re a hotbed for talent in the AI sector. See? Less scary now.
As one of the top 10 countries for machine learning, we’re already leading the way, and there’s always room for more big brains like yours to get in on the action at big brands like King, Spotify, and Dice. Find your perfect Computer Science and Engineering programme, the Swedish Way.

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What does the perfect school system look like to you? Gender awareness taught in pre-school? Students recognised as individuals?
That’s what school looks like here in Sweden, and we’re extremely proud of our world-class education. But the world is changing, and we need to change with it.
How do we teach students about climate change? How do schools modernise for a media-heavy society? If your dream is to work with children, adults or families – or if you’re hungry for change and ready to reshape the education system – well, we want to hear from you.
Check out our award-winning programmes in Education, Educational Sciences and Didactics. There’s so many lenses to look through: the relationship between Gender and Education, Human Rights and Education, or Education for Sustainable Development – to name just a few! How we shape schools shapes society. And how we shape society changes the world… Did you just get goosebumps too?

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Scientific breakthroughs. Controversial laws. Crystal-clear images of space. Journalists are our gateway to all of this. They can be watchdogs of democracy, our interpreters of jargon that help us understand the world. Or, they can just tell us which celeb couple got married and which movie is a must-watch. Either way, we’d be lost without them.
Freedom of information means a LOT to us. We’re the first country in the world to adopt a press freedom law. And the vast majority of us read the news daily.
How does media representation affect our thinking? How is the media shaped by our behaviour? How does OUR behaviour shape the media? Learn the techniques of data visualisation through our Investigative Journalism programmes. Check your bias and learn how ethnicity, class and sexuality are represented with Global Media Studies.
Ask the questions that matter and conduct your own investigations with our industry-recognised Journalism, Communication and Information programmes.

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Can we create our own ‘spare’ organs using stem cell technology? How does the environment affect our health? And what should we do if our antibiotics stop working?
We’ve been leading the way in problem-solving and innovative medical tech for decades. The pacemaker? The ultrasound? The incubator? Don’t mention it.
Our healthcare system is ranked among the best in the world, and now we’re leading the health revolution online. Our next mission? To identify health concerns sooner, and empower people to better manage their own health. We want you to join us.
Want to learn how we can reduce health disparities? Check out our programmes in Public Health Science or Global Health. How about a psychology and landscape architecture crossover programme, where you can learn to plan better environments for societies?
Whatever your niche, you’ll be training with active research scientists, many of whom are world-leading in their fields. Ready to make the world a better place? That’s the spirit! Do it with our Health and Medical Care programmes.

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Want to shine a light on the Mediaeval and Early Modern World? Or maybe you want to study Socrates and Plato, and keep ancient philosophy alive?
Or, if you want to focus on today’s affairs, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Want to study the Black Lives Matter movement and the figurative straw that broke the camel’s back? Develop a critical understanding of intersectionality? Get to grips with faith in relation to politics? Look no further.
We have a profound respect for integrity here in Sweden, and our society is based on freedom, transparency and individualism. But there’s still a long way to go in the fight for global equality. We solve these issues through education, critical thinking and debate. Pull up a chair, choose your Humanities programme, and join the discussion.

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Where do you see yourself in five years? No, literally – where? The neon streets of Tokyo? Well, a master’s in Japanese linguistics might be just for you. Strolling down the Champs-Élysées? In that case, mais oui recommend the study of French – see what we did there?
Maybe you want to study communication itself, and learn how language, gestures and pictures impact our early development and evolution. We know a thing or two about language here in Sweden. Pull ten Swedes off the street (gently) – you’ll find nine out of ten are fluent in English.
We’re proud to say we’re becoming more and more ethnically and linguistically diverse all the time, with around 200 languages spoken in our cities. Whichever Languages programme you choose, you’ll never be short of someone to practice with.

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The theory goes that everything in the universe can be explained with mathematics, and the meaning of life is 42. Well, at least one of those is true.
We’ve been using mathematics to understand our world for millennia. Maths has helped to explain away magic, predict seemingly random phenomena, and even – in Ancient Greece, using just a rod and light from the sun – to measure the circumference of the earth with near-perfect accuracy.
So, how will YOU use maths to explain the universe? Will you discover new links between genetics and disease? Find new evidence for how climate change affects life on Earth? Help develop an even BETTER space telescope? Or will it be something we haven’t even thought of yet?
You can combine Mathematics with all number of subjects (er, is that a maths joke?) From Mathematics with Statistics to Mathematics with Astronomy and Space Physics, you can be as grounded or as ‘out there’ as you like.

In Sweden, we’re striving to become the world-leader in mathematics, with major research investments from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Explore our Mathematics programmes, certified by the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat).

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You just love building things. Even as a kid – you took your toys apart just to see how they fit back together – didn’t you? Maybe your folks got mad, but we see you.
So, what do you want to build? An aircraft – you want to design a whole aircraft? Well, why not? Our Aeronautical Engineering programme might well have your name on it. Or, how about a one-of-a-kind Scandinavian education in textile engineering? Or, if Architecture is your idea of bliss – what will it take to inspire you? Spikey gothic towers? Twisting neo-futuristic skyscrapers? A hotel made of ice?
We’re known for our construction innovation. Our goal is a more sustainably-built future, and we’re not afraid to fall down a few times on our way there. Join the experiment with our Materials, Construction and Manufacturing programmes.

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Throughout history, people have sought to piece the world together through religion – from the gods and monsters of Norse mythology, to Christianity as we know it today.
Equality is EVERYTHING here in Sweden. That’s why freedom of religion has been a legal right since 1951. Why half our priests in the Church of Sweden are female. Why same-sex marriage has been legal for over a decade.
We’re proud of our large Jewish community and growing Muslim population. With purpose-built mosques, country-specific Orthodox churches, and official government funding in place to support all faith groups – we’ve literally got something for everyone.
Want a wide-ranging understanding of Religion, Politics, and Democracy? Or would you prefer to get granular, with a study of Orthodox Traditions, or Art and Theology? Whether you want to teach, translate or just better understand faith – discover the answers with our Religious Studies programmes.
Traditional yet modern-thinking. Secular yet religious. Tolerant yet challenging. That’s the Swedish way!

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Ever catch yourself impersonating David Attenbrough in the bathroom mirror? Watching ‘My Octopus Teacher’ for the fifth time in a row? Moved to tears by the sight of a small rock?
Don’t try to run from it anymore. Take a deep breath. Accept it – our Natural Sciences programmes have your name written all over them (in carbon-negative Algae Ink, no less).
How do we sustainably mine Arctic resources? How did our Earth form and change over time – and how will it change in the future? When did oceans form? Why do natural disasters occur? Get the tools to satisfy your burning curiosity and answer the big questions of the natural world.

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How much more futuristic can the space industry get? How can we improve sound vibrations to create a better acoustic world? Or reduce our use of fossil fuels? You tell us.
It’s been said that everyone has a book in them. WE believe everyone has an invention. Especially in Sweden, where cosy winters indoors and super-fast internet makes for a perfect climate of creation.
For years we’ve been quietly working to do our bit for a healthier, happier, and more connected world. Bluetooth. Spotify. Oat milk. You name it, there’s a good chance we invented it.
Want to help make the world a better place? Got the patience and persistence to make something weird and wonderful of your own? Then you’re one of us. Show us what you’ve got with our Technology programmes.

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Rosa Parks. Harvey Milk. Malala Yousafzai. Who says one person can’t stand up for their beliefs and change the world?
Here in Sweden, we’re grateful for the laws of free speech, and gender and marriage equality that has helped us evolve from riotous vikings to peace-loving citizens. But there’s always more room to improve.
What’s the change you want to see? Want to learn more about humanitarian aid strategies with Humanitarian Action and Conflict? Find ways to help reduce ​​CO2 emissions and protect our forests through Environmental Law? Step up and join the debate with our Law and Legal Studies programmes.

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You’re the kind of person who wants to know everything there is to know about EVERYTHING. With an encyclopaedia-sized podcast subscription, you’re fascinated with facts, figures, people and places.
Questions about the world buzz around in your head all day. How do we support an ageing population? What drives geographical changes? What’s the relationship between consciousness and the brain? Your head’s a noisy and exciting place to be.
You’re a connector. A diplomat. A force to be reckoned with when playing Trivial Pursuit. Whether you see yourself in international relations or human resources, you’ll get the skills you need in Social Science and Behavioural Science.

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You’re that type who volunteers at soup kitchens and helps people cross the street. If we need a friend to help us move, if there’s a cat stuck in a tree – we know you’re the one to call. Because you really, truly care.
You want to influence the world for the better. Whether that’s on the ground as a social worker, or driving change from the top with new policies – our Social Work and Welfare programmes are gonna help you get there.
Human rights are well protected here in Sweden. From security and trade to gender equality and environmental policy – everything we do is based on integrity and openness. Sound good? Well then, what are you waiting for? Check out our programmes today.

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