After your studies

Studying in Sweden and thinking about sticking around after your studies? Great, then you’re in the right place.

Studying in Sweden is a great stepping stone to a dream career.

So you’re interested in living and learning the Swedish Way? Great! But what about working in Sweden?

Okay, you might be thinking – hold up, it’s way too early for the what-on-earth-will-I-be-doing-after-I-finish-studying-in-Sweden talk. We get it. You probably haven’t even applied yet. 

But imagine this. You fall in love with Sweden (or a Swede 👀) during your studies. You might want to stay. And knowing what residence permit ↗️ you’ll need and what kinds of career opportunities in Sweden you can expect might be a good idea. Sound good? Let’s get started. 

Andrés from Mexico, working at Volvo Cars

“I love the cultural diversity in the office. It’s something I experienced here in Sweden, not just in the office but in the university as well. And I didn’t think it would translate so well into the work environment.”  

Welcome to the nation of natural born inventors.

Innovation isn’t just a word we throw around; it’s deeply rooted in our educational system that promotes critical thinking. Sweden is home to more billion-dollar businesses, Unicorns, per capita than anywhere else other than Silicon Valley. Isn’t that cool? 

Collaboration and transparency make change happen.

Want to experience a working culture where your voice matters? In Sweden – and in Swedish companies – you are equal to everyone. The non-hierarchical structure found in almost all Swedish companies – in Sweden and the rest of the world – is built on respect and cooperation. And when you work here, your unique perspective, skills, and ideas are key for driving creativity and innovation.

Join Sweden to lead the green transition.

Today, the need for global collaboration is more urgent than ever. We see the ongoing green transition as an opportunity to collaborate and build sustainable businesses together with others who want to crack the sustainability challenge. Together we can stretch the boundaries of what’s possible and find new ways forward. Will you join us and make a difference in the world?

Photo: Oskar Omne
Xinyi from China, working at H&M

“Another excellent aspect of working in Sweden is that colleagues trust each other completely. As a junior employee or intern, I’ve received a lot of autonomy and with that autonomy comes responsibility. I believe it’s a positive thing which has helped me transition quickly from a student mindset to taking on responsibilities and doing valuable work. People won’t underestimate you just because you’re junior or new to the company”

How to launch your career in Sweden after your studies.

Is working in Sweden something you see for your future self? Awesome. Sweden is full of opportunities at world-renowned industry leaders and vibrant start-ups and we think you’ll fit right in.

With over 1,000 programmes taught in English here, you’re spoilt for choice. Find your dream programme now.

Even though Swedes speak great English and many companies and organisations use English as their working language, it will open many doors for you if you know some Swedish. There is a lot of free online courses and tools and the earlier you start learning Swedish the better.

Do some research about different industries and companies ↗️ all over Sweden to get inspired.

Swedes are all about teamwork and work-life balance, and to avoid culture clashes read up on Swedish labour culture↗️.

There are many success stories to dive into. Meet and be inspired by: