Spring: in photos


Written by Usisipho

01 May 2019

The seasons in Sweden are full of contrasts. Summer days are long, warm and bright, with some places in the country living in perpetual light. The winter days are shorter, colder, and the streets blanketed with snow.

To spring

But the seasons between are magical. Despite my mild pollen allergy, I especially enjoy the spring. The grit and gravel to combat the slippery winter ice are removed. The snowpiles lining the edges of roads have long faded away. Flowers bloom, and the trees regain their leaves. I find myself sneezing a lot, but I’m okay with it.

Close-up of cherry blossom trees.
Bloom at Järntorget | Credit: Usisipho
A person walking by a cherry blossom tree in a park.
Spring bloom outside Stora Teatern | Photo: Usisipho

Warmth and light

The days slowly get longer and warmer. You can hang up your trusty winter coat that has kept you warm for the past few months. The sky is brighter and more colourful at dawn and dusk.

Building cranes silhouetted by a sunset.
Gothenburg’s iconic cranes | Photo: Usisipho
A tram passes by a building in Gothenburg.
Tram heading towards Brunnsparken | Photo: Usisipho

The atmosphere

The smells of barbecues (and Valborg bonfires!) waft through the parks. You can treat yourself to a game of kubb. Everyone looks forward to the first (still icy-cold…) swims of the year!

A large crowd of people standing around a bonfire.
Valborg bonfire | Photo: Usisipho

Uteservering begins – terraces open all around city restaurants, bars, and cafes. Walking down familiar streets brings surprise – everything looks totally different!

A person walking beside the harbour.
Stenpiren | Credit: Usisipho

Suddenly, the city feels much bigger. The bustling of movement, with people having picnics and sunbathing.

People walking past flowers in a park.
Spring flowers outside Trädgårdsföreningen | Photo: Usisipho

The difference between the seasons gives a sense of progress and the passage of time. Read Emma’s lovely blog An ode to Swedish light for more on this! And for me, spring is the most exciting of these. I enjoy spending time outdoors, and spring brings plenty of opportunities to do this.  From walks in along the river, ferry trips to the archipelago, barbecues, and swims.

Boats sailing on a river.
View of the river | Photo: Usisipho
Close-up of tulips.
Flowers | Photo: Usisipho

Until the next season!

What’s your favourite season and why? Let me know in the comments below!


Written by Usisipho

01 May 2019