My name is Jesús and I'm from Spain 🇪🇸. I studied a Master's in General Management at Stockholm School of Economics.


Hej! My name is Jesus (yes, it’s a common name in Spain, where I come from!), and I’m 23 years young. I grew up in Luxembourg, and then moved to the UK to study a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering. I finished the thesis in Germany, and then I took a gap year to do crazy adventures around the world. During that year, I fell in love with Sweden and decided to come here to study my 2 (MSc General Management – Stockholm School of Economics) and 3 Masters (MSc Energy Engineering – Gävle University). Coming here to Sweden is the best choice I’ve done in my life, and I now want to inspire others to do the same! Every day in Sweden is an adventure!

My life is guided by a set of values, which are: following my Intuition; Exploring, Motivating and Inspiring others; Independence; Positivity; and being Energetic. And for me, the meaning of life is about dreaming, and then making those dreams come true, day by day! 😀

MSc General Management at Stockholm School of Economics

Past Ambassador

Jesús was a digital ambassador between 2014-2016 and is not available for answering emails and comments on posts.