Beautiful Landscapes of Winter Lapland – Part 1/2

I just wanted to share with you some beautiful winter pictures of IMO one of the most beautiful areas of the world: Lapland.
DCIM102GOPROSemi frozen rivers.

DCIM102GOPROView from the top of the Abisko mountain.

DCIM100GOPROThe snow piles up on top of traffic signs.

DCIM101GOPROVillages covered in snow look like a fairy tale.

DCIM101GOPROThe air is fresh, clean and pure.


Because the sun doesn’t rise very high, all shades are super long.

DCIM101GOPROPeople often move in snow scooters or skis.

DCIM101GOPROCross country skying on frozen lakes

DCIM101GOPROBeautiful typical wooden houses.

DCIM102GOPROFrozen canyon at sunrise.


Written by Jesús

11 Apr 2016