Colours of Sweden – Autumn

Almost 2 weeks ago, I re-landed in Sweden after spending 4 months in Asia, and what I saw was an unbelievable display of autumn colours that I wanted to share with you:

Now I know why the Swedish flag is yellow and blue!


The silence and pureness of autumn…IMG_20151028_085309

A yellow street of falling leavesIMG_20151028_090510

Sunset shadows by the seaIMG_20151110_145142

Neighbour gone on holidayIMG_20151028_082205

   Cycle path to paradiseIMG_20151028_091424

Train melting with skyIMG_20151028_084045

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we leave shadows that echo in eternityIMG_20151104_145827

Look up to the sky where your guiding passion is burning, not to the floor where you are frozenIMG_20151028_082826


Written by Jesús

11 Nov 2015