I got robbed on Halloween…

On the eve of October 31st, it was dark and silent outside. The house where we were in was surrounded by trees, and we were isolated on a quiet island in the outskirts of Stockholm. We were hungry and were in the kitchen cooking some pasta.

Suddenly, we heard some noises outside the house… And then, the door started shaking. My friend Leo decided to go and open the front door, to see what was going on. And that is when the ambush took place: 5 kids dressed up as monsters invaded our house and demanded sweets, treats or tricks.


Actually, despite being from Hong Kong and having lived there most of his life, Leo knew about the tradition in Halloween, and had bought a massive amount of sweets the day before. I had actually completely forgotten about it, and when I saw all the sweets in the kitchen table, I though to myself: “Wow, Leo really has a sweet tooth today!” XD


Anyway, the kids were super funny, polite, cool, and they actually only took half of the sweets!

When they left, Leo and I laughed so much, and we thought that it was so cool that these kids were safe and running around despite being in the middle of the night. Gotta love Sweden for its safety.

The day after, in the late morning, we were wondering what we were going to do with the rest of the sweets… When suddenly, the door knocked again. Once more, Leo opened the door… And 4 gangsters armed with weapons came in the house to rob us of the rest of the candy!! Unbelievable!! We had no choice.

Once more, they asked us to take a picture… Here it is!


As I didn’t have any weapon, I just took a kitchen knife. In my mind, I was really hoping that no one would be watching from the window behind me because it would look pretty scary if they saw me with a knife behind the kids XD

Like the previous evening, they were super polite and funny. It’s amazing how well educated and behaved Swedish kids are! And they even left 2 small pieces of candy, so that each of us could have a small (tiny) bite.

A couple of days later, this time being alone in the house, I again heard some noise on the door. The kids were back. However, this time, they gave us a present: a flower/plant bundle, to say thank you for all the candy! These kids are totally awesome!!


Written by Jesús

11 Nov 2015