My biggest regrets in Sweden (and Lessons learnt)

Living for 2 years in Sweden was a dream come true for me, and a super-amazing experience in most regards. However, no matter how good things are, I always like to reflect on how they could have been better. I wrote this list to share with you some mistakes I did, so that you can learn from them. In no particular order, these were:

1) Spending too much time alone

People often say that I am one of the most sociable persons that they know. And that’s true. But I also love spending quality time on my own, just exploring nature, reading about stuff that I am passionate about, chilling on my hammock while contemplating life, and doing some solo sailing. However, some times I took this to the extreme and ended up doing awesome stuff but having no one to share these moments with, leaving the experience incomplete.

Lesson learnt: Invite friends to join you on your (mini) adventures


2) Not learning more from my classmates

My fellow classmates were some of the brightest people I have ever talked to, in every aspect. I mean, the average GMAT in my class was about 700, with most students studying multiple degrees simultaneously and working on some side projects. These guys analyzed situations in a super clever waya and the average IQ in my class was probably around 145-150. They all came from different backgrounds and knew tons about loads of different areas of Life. However, we spent a large share of the time talking about mundane things, rather than trying to pick each other’s brains out and learn from our past experiences and learnings.

Lesson learnt: Schedule 1-on-1 meetings with your classmates, and ask them in detail about their experiences and what they learnt from them. Ask them about their perspective of both tbig concepts as well as small problems.


3) Not traveling enough

Sweden is a pretty expensive country… But it’s also a pretty damn amazing one too, which is totally worth discovering. Due to studies, money, friends or whatever other excuse I came up with, I didn’t travel through it as much as I should have. I should have gone at least to all provinces, and I should have done some long distance bicycle and kayaking trips while living here.

Lesson learnt: Find someone to travel with and go see all the awesome stuff Sweden has to offer, in every corner of the country




Written by Jesús

11 Nov 2015