A mini tour of 5 palaces

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been checking out some lesser known palaces around the west of Stockholm. This wasn’t intentional, as the palaces just seemed to appear in front of me after exploring some areas that seemed interesting. I guess that the important families and me have the same taste when it comes to good locations 🙂

I don’t know much history about these, but what I do know is that they look amazing both from outside and inside. I think most of them are owned by the state, and they are used as conference centers, restaurants and hotels. Here are some photos that I took from 5 different palaces/villas/castles (“slott” in Swedish):

Ulriksdal slott

My girlfriend and I found this royal palace by luck, while on one of our boating adventures at sunset. We decided to park the boat at the castle’s moor and then walked around it.


This is the view from the other side 🙂


It was really cozy since it was pretty late and we were almost alone there. It was so peaceful and calm…

Ljunglöfska slott

I found this one cycling on my way home a couple of months ago.


And I feel tempted to go in and check it out so I did. Looked nice!


Old furniture and decorations… Apparently this villa belonged to the owner of a large snus/tobacco company!


Hässelby slott

This palace is within walking distance from my house so sometimes I just go there to chill out in the gardens, when I get bored of the forest. I went there the other day with my girlfriend.


They have a sort of internal patio with pink walls which looks really cute.


Here is a picture of my girlfriend walking in the garden, where there are a couple of fountains and nice flowers


Åkeshov slott

We went there the other day to go to a nice café that we always see from the tube. This castle is really close to the forest and has a nice garden full of amazing flowers and a fountain.


Görväln slott

I found this one on my bicycle trip 2 days ago, in the middle of a beautiful natural reserve, hidden in between some forests, by the water.


Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to live in a place like this. And then I realize that it would be so much fun for a couple of weeks. But like everything in life, we just get used to it so I would probably get so bored after a month, so I would take my bike and go for another long bike ride 🙂


Written by Jesús

07 Jun 2015