My name is Edite and I'm from Latvia 🇱🇻. I studied the Digital Media Creative programme at Hyper Island.


Hallå där! I’m a Stockholm-based wannabe satirist in journey to tell stories of Swedishness and being a human in  the digital world.

In other words, I’m originally from Latvia and am studying to become a Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island, in Stockholm. My passions include analogue photography, live music, curent affairs and podcasts. I’m a scandi-freak, control-freak and tea-freak. But freaky is good, right?

As the digital ambassador for Study In Sweden, I believe it’s my duty to let you peek into the life of an international student without a layer of polish and masks. Most of my time as a digital ambassador is spent by producing and hosting a podcast called “Sweden And…” where I look at different aspects of life in Sweden from my perspective, with a help from an experti in the “field” and a pinch of humor (hopefully a good one).  Have a listen to Sweden And… on Soundcloud, iTunes or other podcast streaming services!

All the best,

Digital Media at Hyper Island

Past Ambassador

Edite was a digital ambassador between 2016-2017 and is not available for answering emails and comments on posts.