Let me borrow your ears: introducing Study In Sweden’s very own podcast.



Being a self-proclaimed Scandi-freak and holding a great love for podcasts, I’m happy to present a brand new podcast where as digital ambassador for Study In Sweden and podcast enthusiast, I explore the rather funny, fascinating or just great sides of Swedishness from an outsider’s perspective.

Podcasts raised an interest in the minds of Swedes ever since their emergence – radio shows on-the-go, portable storytellers, recorded conversations between strangers. Who knows what aspect of podcasting sympatized with the people of Sweden in the late 20th century the most, but what we do know is that they sure took up the habit of on-demand editorial audio content like no one else in Europe.

About 30 years and millions of podcast fans later, it’s time for Study In Sweden to share your headspace with other storytellers. Sweden And…  is a podcast that, with a help from guests, will shine a light on different aspects of life in Sweden that people here are often too humble to mention.

First episode, Sweden and Podcasts, tells about the podcast culture in Sweden, what made the nordic country one of the few early adapters of it and which are the most loved podcasts and why? The episode also includes an interview with creators of the podcast Hypertalks – a side project of Digital Business students at Hyper Island, in Stockholm.

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Written by Edite

29 Nov 2016