Studies in Sweden as an international student – what is there to know.

There’s a chance that as you read this, an email of acceptance lays in your inbox that offers congratulations on being admitted as an international student in a university in Sweden. The newest episode of podcast “Sweden And…” talks about what happens after the pink glasses of excitement fall and some serious planning and moving has to take place.

In a recent study by, Sweden has been ranked fifth best country in Europe for international students. Scoring high in the overall quality of the studies, Sweden lost valuable points when it comes to cost of living and tuition fees for non-EU students. Nevertheless, the ranking fifth means that such traits as flat organizational systems, sustainability, equality, diversity and high value for creative processes are important focus areas not only for Swedes as a nation, but also – as education providers.

A whopping number of 1116 study programmes across the country lets anyone choose a university and lifestyle of preference. While campus universities offer a vibrant student life that ties with long traditions, the more city-based universities fit those attracted to the pace of the city and local communities.

Finding the perfect fit in the programme and university list might be daunting at first, but the major reality check kicks in later – how to be and what to do once the stress of getting admitted to studies is released with some positive news? With the help from international students, we uncover the successes and failures, the goods and the not-that-greats about the process of moving to Sweden, finding accommodation, friends and books in a library with no books.

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Special thanks to Elke, Andres and Francesco from Study In Sweden for the help in making the episode. 


Written by Edite

29 Mar 2017