20 things to do after getting admitted to study in Sweden

Congratulations on your acceptance to study in Sweden! Before you go on your new adventure, let’s make sure you’re ready to rock and roll.

Now that you have secured your place, here are 20 essential steps to take before leaving for Sweden. 🙌

1. First, celebrate
You did it! Let the confetti fly, and the celebrations begin. Gather your friends and family to toast to your academic victory because you’ve earned every bit of it!

2. Document dive
Grab your passport, acceptance letter, diploma, and/or any other necessary paperwork. Also don’t forget to check the university page, because they usually write their own guide on what to do after admission results. Double-check, triple-check, and make sure everything’s in order!

3. Permit pursuit
For non EU/EEA students, it’s time to tackle the bureaucracy – apply for your residence permit. Get ahead of the game and start the process as soon as possible. 

Check the residence permit guide here

4. Housing hunt
Let the house-hunting adventure begin! Whether you’re eyeing up university housing or scouting private rentals, now’s the time to secure your Swedish sanctuary.

Guide to finding student accommodation in Sweden

A selfie of an international student walking around a Swedish neighborhood in the snow.
Me strolling around my student accommodation. //Photo: Nana

5. Destination deep dive
Dive into the depths of your future city or town. From cultural hotspots to hidden gems, it is never too early to get to know your new stomping grounds, so when you’re there you will feel like a local.

6. BFF connection
Join social media groups or forums for incoming international students, connect with your classmates even before the program starts. Who knows? Your future besties might be just a click away.

7. Swede talk
While “tack” might be the only Swedish word you know right now, it’s time to expand your vocabulary. From “hej” to “fika,” learning a few key phrases will take you far in Sweden. Plus, it’s a great icebreaker!

10 tips for international students to learn Swedish

8. Plan the $$$
Money matters – understand the cost of living in Sweden and whip up a budget. Don’t forget to explore scholarship opportunities (most universities have their own scholarship) and financial aid to ease the strain on your wallet.

Read budgeting tips from Brian here

9. Insurance check
Stay healthy, stay covered. Usually for the tuition fee paying students the university provides you with health insurance. But still, ensure you’ve got the right health insurance sorted before you jet off to Sweden. Your future self will thank you for the peace of mind.

About health insurance in Sweden

10. Student scene scouting
Dive into the student scene at your university. From clubs to communities, there’s a whole world of extracurriculars waiting for you to explore.

A student party at a club in Jönköping, Sweden.
One of the student parties in a club in Jönköping where I study~ //Photo: Nana

11. Travel arrangements
Plane tickets? Check. Airport transfers? Check. Get your travel plans locked in and ready to roll. The countdown to your Swedish adventure is officially on!

12. Pack smart
Channel your inner Marie Kondo! Don’t bring too many clothes, as you surely can find cheap and good ones here in Facebook market (yes, this is important here) or second hand stores. Note: it is more crucial to bring food, snacks, and or specialty items from your home country!

Packing tips from Sanjay is here!

13. Research academic interests
Explore courses and programs offered at your university. Be an ‘FBI agent’ and look for any specializations or research opportunities available.

14. Tech tune-up
Make sure your gadgets are Sweden-ready. Check compatibility, stock up on adapters, and ensure your devices are primed for Scandinavian adventures.

15. Eyeing the public transport options
Navigate the maze of Swedish public transport like a pro. From trams to trains, familiarize yourself with the routes and schedules because it could be quite overwhelming, especially in big cities.

International students who are trying to navigate through Stockholm's metro station.
Trying to navigate around the Stockholm metro station with fellow digital ambassadors, Manu and Chris. //Photo: Nana

16. Health check
Before you bid farewell to your hometown, don’t forget to pay a visit to your doctor. Stock up on any medications you might need and get the all-clear for your Swedish journey.

17. Attend pre-departure orientations
Don’t skip out on pre-departure orientations. From survival tips to cultural insights, these sessions are your golden ticket to a smooth transition to Swedish student life.

18. Work wonder
Familiarize yourself with work regulations for international students in Sweden and explore the work opportunities. From part-time gigs to internships, take advantage of any chance to gain valuable experience while studying abroad.

19. Bucket list blueprint
Dream big, plan bigger. From chasing the Northern Lights to Midsummer’s Eve, sketch out your Swedish bucket list and get ready for some unforgettable adventures.

20. Positivity power-up
Keep those spirits high and that mindset open. Embrace the unknown, lean into the challenges, and get ready to write the next chapter of your life in Sweden – it’s going to be epic!

For more info, you can also read Camilo’s version of what to do after you get admitted.

Soon to be in Sweden! Yeay! //Giphy: Jake Martella

Ready, get set, and off you go for a successful and enriching study abroad experience in Sweden. I wish you safe travels, and hope you will enjoy every moment of your Swedish adventure! 🫶🫶


Written by Nana

08 Apr 2024