Swedish Lessons: Not Just in Language, but in University Applications


Written by Brian

23 Oct 2023

Just when I was about to spill out typical pointers on navigating the Swedish university application maze, a thought hit me. There is a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Why not narrate my own raw, unfiltered, roller-coaster-esque experience instead? 🎢 Buckle up, it’s storytime! 📖

Flashback: One Year Ago

A year ago, at a time just like this, I had a dream… and a list of dream countries to explore my academic journey. Do I really need to say it? Sweden was at the top! 🎵💻 (Lovers of music and tech, you know what I mean).

Wrapped up in blankets (thanks to insomnia again), I was just dreaming about bytes and bits, probably in a land of ABBA, meatballs, and Northern lights; a Twitter post caught my attention. It invited me to an exciting (But… Challenging) scholarship application to Sweden. Immediate bookmark! 🌠 But then, reality’s cold splash: “Do I fit the requirements? (Honestly, I had gone through quite a lot of rejections, I had immunity 🤣)” “Can I afford it?” “Would I even like it there?” Sound familiar? 🤔

Heads up! You can actually make friends here!

A group of people engaged in a focused group discussion in a studious environment.
Photo: Susanne Walström/imagebank.sweden.se

The ‘Crush’ Analogy 💓

Picture this: You’ve got a crush. That jittery, butterfly-stirring feeling in your stomach. Now, replace the crush with a university or dream country. My crush is Sweden, right? And now I have just received the sign. Come here, say Hello! I don’t bite. 😃
You don’t just glance; you engage. Interact. Even go on a metaphorical date, a Fika if you will. The lesson? University applications aren’t about showy words; it’s about being genuine, raw, and real. 🌟. Learn about the Universities and the Programmes In Sweden

Photo: Balace/gifer.com

Prep Steps: Listen Close! 🔍

Well, I knew what I wanted to do, Tech, of course, but with a touch of Project Management… Coffee and Cream… but…
Before plunging, “Anchor yourself.” Bookmark those golden links. Dive into program descriptions and visualize yourself there. Research your university crushes (it’s not stalking; it’s due diligence and dates😅).
What kind of city do you want to live in? City lights or tranquil woods? 🌃🌲 I found my peace in Trollhattan’s embrace. Platforms like ‘Study in Sweden’ on Instagram are like coffee chats with students – think of it as Yelp for universities!

A sign indicating 'Trollhättan' positioned alongside a sidewalk.
Photo: Brian

Have You Forgotten About Those Fairs? 🎪

Did you know that Universities throw open their virtual doors with career fairs? This is where you get to ask any questions, learn about your program and ask those troubling questions. (Talk about your crush taking you out on a date and being very open to you getting to know them… Heaven 😎)
Whispers! (I might have missed them.)… Wait, what’s that… You wanna know where there is one going? You know what, I got you 😎… Study in Sweden is hosting Virtual Fairs, and you are invited.

A poster advertising Study in Sweden's Virtual Fair.
Photo: Study In Sweden/instagram.com

Funds: Biggie, Right? 💸

Let’s get real! Sweden’s charm isn’t cheap. With studies, rent, food, and wanting those authentic Swedish experiences, navigating finances feels like wandering dense woods. There are golden passes… the scholarships!
Swedish Institute, my beacon. Their scholarship was my golden ticket. 🌉 So, treasure their site, groove to their timelines, and always step ahead. I think they may have something for you. Add this to your bookmark… I did, and it helped. Add those dates to your calendar, and when the time comes, apply for it.

Photo: Shajas/gifer.com

The Slow Sip Approach

Savouring coffee, each sips a dance of flavours – that’s your application approach. I know you’re worried (I was worried 🤷🏽‍♂️), and concerns like housing, visas, or even the playful tease of “Should I learn Swedish?” might drop by. Quick answer: mastering Swedish isn’t mandatory.
But what’s crucial? Remember, every journey begins with a single step. While taking that first step – especially applying – might feel daunting, once you’ve made that move, the rest often feels like cruising smoothly down a highway. It’s all about that first step. 😊
So breathe pace, and relish the journey. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed; it means your dreams are big enough.🌍

With that, dear reader, let’s bookmark this chat 📖. Await our next digital rendezvous! 🚀. Hejdå alla 👋🏽


Written by Brian

23 Oct 2023