Applying to study in Sweden: a concise guide

Alright everyone, give your julbord a short break and hear me out: the application deadline for studying in Sweden is coming soon.
The online application deadline is 15 January 2015 so let’s get down to business. I have compiled a short list for you to check during the application process and make sure to do everything you need to do in order to apply successfully:

  1. Find a programme (or more programmes)
  2. Check if you meet the admission criteria for both the university and the programme(s) you want to apply to.
  3. Create an account on You will use this website for your application. If you are not an EU citizen, you will need to pay an application fee. Also, keep checking the page regularly so you don’t miss any important information regarding your application.
  4. There are separate instructions for Bachelor students and Master students. Read them carefully.
    rank your choices

  5. Rank your choices! This is very important – make sure to think it through before the online application deadline. (15 January 2015)

  6. To find out what documents you need to submit, check the university and programme websites. Every programme/university has different requirements so pay a lot of attention when you’re checking this. If you haven’t already, start collecting the documents so you don’t miss the deadline. Paperwork can take time to complete, especially during the holiday season.
  7. You will probably have to translate most of your documents and send both originals and translations. Make sure to double-check how to submit your documents here (for Master students) and here (for Bachelor students).

  8. Ok, this one is major: Certify those documents. It is perhaps one of the most important moments in your application process. I remember it took me a lot of time to do this last year so I recommend you start as early as possible. Check this website to find out how to do this properly.
  9. Always double-check the requirements and keep checking and websites of programmes you’re applying to, so you can notice if you’ve missed something. During the whole process, these addresses will be your most important reference points as to how to successfully complete your application.

This is just a basic list of what you should pay attention to during the application process. There are details you shouldn’t miss and you should use point 9 of this guide a lot. There is a chance that the university you’re planning to apply to has a guide of their own, like for example Lund University so it would be smart to check if the university you’re applying to has one of these too.

Lycka till!


Written by Dena

29 Dec 2014