My name is Brian and I'm from Kenya 🇰🇪. I'm a student at the University West, where I study a Master's in IT and Management.


Hej Hej! Habari. Hola. Howdy.

Hey there, it’s Brian! Born and raised amidst the rhythmic hustle of Nairobi, Kenya -fun fact: Nairobi is often called the “Green City in the Sun.” Here’s a tidbit between us: did you know we Nairobi folks love to unwind with a warm cup of chai, even under the African sun? or a cold bottle of Tusker… Fast forward to now. Guess where I’ve landed now? I’ve swapped Nairobi’s warmth for the crisp air of Sweden. I’m navigating the intricate alleys of a Master in IT and Management at University West on the West Coast of Sweden. It’s Pretty cool, right?

The journey from Kenya’s ‘254’ to Sweden has been extraordinary, especially as a proud bearer of the Swedish Institute Scholarship. I’m not just a student but also on a mission as an ambassador, bridging the gap between the tech-centric vibes of Sweden and Kenya’s pulsating heartbeats. Away from the books, I cherish Kenyan Band music’s nostalgic melodies and am eager to introduce my Swedish mates to it. As we go along, expect a blend of personal anecdotes, tech musings, cultural exchanges, and perhaps a tale or two of me attempting Swedish fika with a Kenyan twist.

Ready to hop on this ride with me? Let’s roll!

MSc in IT and Management at University West