Scholar Tip: Applying for the SI Scholarship 2024

Are you dreaming of studying in Sweden amidst its innovation and beauty? If “yes” is written on your 2024 bucket list, you’re in for an exhilarating journey. The first leap – acing that university application – might have given you butterflies, but the real thrill lies ahead. Let’s talk about the SI Scholarship – the golden ticket to your Swedish academic adventure.

Meet TJ, a scholar who transformed his dream into reality. He discovered the SI Scholarship in 2019 and spent three years crafting his winning application. His journey wasn’t just about securing funding but a voyage of self-discovery and meticulous preparation. (I want to be like TJ when I grow up 😊)

Want to tread in TJ’s footsteps and carve your path to success? TJ’s ‘3R’s Strategy’… Come on, I won’t take you through the corporate jargon, as much as I have always wanted to 😗, but… Let’s dive in:

Reflection: Soul Searching Chapter

This is what you call the “Soul-Searching” phase. Here, you get to self-assess. This is a lifetime opportunity; remember, it is very competitive. You should ensure that your motivations are aligned with your goals. Trust me when I say this journey will transform and break you before it makes you. (Okay, I will stop listening to those early motivation podcasts 😊).

“Ask yourself why you want the Scholarship and how your background fits the criteria. Clarify your motivation and goals. ~TJ”​​.

TJ (an SI scholar) stands outside a campus building at Uppsala University.
Photo by TJ


Aligned goals, Check. Right motivation, check. Now it’s time to learn about your ticket requirements. The Swedish Institute has shared the requirements for a successful scholarship application. There’s also a hidden gem called the FAQs section. I alternated between the requirements page and the FAQs section during my application.

Did you also know there are specific templates for your CV and reference letters?

“Spend time reading all the information on the scholarship website, FAQs, eligibility requirements, etc., to fully understand what is expected in the application. ~ TJ”​​

An up-close view of a research setting, showing papers and computers in action.
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Revise: Crafting the Masterpiece

Now, it’s time… keep the date in mind: 12th February 2024 🙂

The last part is making your application the best it can be. Write it, then make changes, then make more changes. Ask people for advice on how to make it better. It’s like polishing a diamond until it sparkles.

“Remember to revise your applications. I lost count of how many times I revised my application before submitting it. ~TJ”

A group picture of Swedish Institute Scholars engaging in conversation.
Photo by Swedish Institute

Remember, your application is your story… or love story. Make it a good one that shows who you are and what you dream about. Work hard on it; maybe I’ll see you in Sweden, having coffee or Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter and enjoying student life! Good luck! 🌍📚💼


Written by Brian

24 Jan 2024