Graduating in Sweden : Masters gala.


Written by Concillier

28 Jul 2019

When preparing to graduate, there are a couple of events that are planned to ensure you have a proper goodbye. One of them is the Graduation gala that was organised by our school.  One spring afternoon, prospect graduates gathered at one of Lund’s famous halls – the AF Borgen, to say goodbye one last time and reminisce on the education experience of studying in a Swedish university and the lovely memories that came along with it. Here is how to crack the graduation gala code.

1. Arrive early and dress the part.

This is purely for aesthetic reasons. It was great to see all the ladies in beautiful and colourful spring clothes and it was equally good to see guys dressed dapperly in suits. If you want to capture pictures with fewer people in the background, the recommendation is that you arrive earlier than everyone else. Some of my classmates arrived earlier and we got some good photos but others arrived later and we had to work harder to get the much-coveted group photo by the Lund University fountain.

Student dressed up in a ballgown posing for a photo.
On our way to the Graduation gala, we stopped a couple of times to take some pictures. Peep the famous Lund Cathedral in the background. Photo: Concillier.
Two students posing for a photo together.
At the Lund fountain when we arrived early. Photo: Concillier
Group of students standing together.
A few minutes later. Photo: Concillier

2. Know the theme of the graduation gala

Knowing the theme of the gala makes it much more special. The theme of this gala was “Bon voyage” and as soon as the doors to AF Borgen opened, we understood why. Apart from the hall looking spectacular, the tables were set as ‘gates’ and you could look at the seating arrangement to know where you had been placed. There was excitement in the air because the graduation gala marked the end of school and hopefully, the beginning of something new and exciting.

A sign on the floor, sign says 'Gate F'.
About to take off from Gate F. Photo: Concillier

3. Abide by the seating arrangements

The organising committee had already made seating arrangements and printed them at the entrance. We sat in table groups with classmates. The seating rows, in this case, were much in line with the Bon voyage theme and were named as gates. With a gate and seat number, it was easier to know where exactly you were supposed to sit.

Rows of seats at a long table.
Stellar arrangement for the Master Gala at AF Borgen, Lund. Photo: Concillier
Long dining tables set up for a banquet.
Graduation gala. Photo: Concillier

4. Bond with your classmates

It was a great opportunity to spend the evening among classmates. Meeting some classmates outside class was really interesting. We reminisced about our first days at school, our favourite moments, the stressful thesis period and the plans we had after school. Some classmates had already made summer break/travel plans, others were moving to other countries and others were excited to start new jobs.

Several students posing for a photo.
Amazing classmates at graduation gala. Photo: Concillier
Close-up of a polaroid photo featuring several students.
We were asked to submit photos of some of our best memories and the organising committee printed them out and made a beautiful wall of memories from it.

5. Dance the night away afterwards.

While the first part of the graduation gala involved dinner, speeches and entertainment (a very talented Swedish choir), the second half of it involved dancing the night away on the dancefloor. After the first half of the night was concluded, the tables were removed and in their place, was a dance floor. Most of us danced the whole night away :).

Close-up of hundreds of glasses of champange.
A large hall full of graduating students.

We got home with sore feet and bags full of memories.


Written by Concillier

28 Jul 2019