What is a Spex?


Written by Emma

13 Nov 2018

This week in “I have lived in Sweden for one year and still have not done this super-Swedish thing*”, I’m going to guide you through what a Spex is!

The student nation I’m a part of (Östgöta Nation, Uppsala) have their annual Spex showcasing this week. But what is a Spex? Why should you go to one?

I haven’t been to one before (to my SHAME), so I’ve enlisted the help of Östgöta’s two Spexmästares Tim and August to help explain what a Spex is and why you should go and see one (and get involved with one too):

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What makes a Spex special? What about it is particularly Swedish?

How are the themes of a Spex particularly oriented towards students?

Are there many roles for international students?

Where in Sweden is this a tradition**?

When is Östgöta Nation’s Spex on?

And if you’re based in the Uppsala/Stockholm region, you can buy tickets for this week’s performances here!

Poster for Spex
Östgöta Nation Spex: Photo Credits, Tim and August and Spex crew, Östgöta Nation

* Maybe I’ll also do blog posts on “How am I surviving here when everyone is obsessed with Swish and I don’t have it” and “I want to live in Sweden forever but if you put surströmming in front of me I am going back to the UK.”

**Did a quick Wikipedia search, and Linköping and Gotebörg are two other Swedish students communities who also do Spex!


Written by Emma

13 Nov 2018