My Sweden Story


Written by Anita

05 Sep 2018

This is a surreal moment. I can’t believe my time is Sweden and my time as a digital ambassador is over. It’s bitter sweet but I will always cherish all the people I met and the memories I made. So this post is an autobiographical interview.


This is my Sweden Story.

Name and Age:

Anita, 27

Masters Graduation in Sweden
Photo ops 🙂

When did you study in Sweden?

I studied at the University of Gothenburg from Autumn 2016 to Spring 2018.

Life After Sweden
Swedish Transport in Gothenburg / Credits: Emelie Asplund/
My Sweden Story
The famous Cranes at Stenipren / Source: Anita

What program did you study in Sweden?

Masters in Global Studies

Masters Graduation in Sweden
Group picture for MA Global Studies 2018

What scholarship did you receive?

The Swedish Institute Study in Sweden Scholarship (SISS)

My Sweden Story
Swedish Institute Kick off in Stockholm

Why did you choose to study in Sweden?

I picked Sweden mainly because of my mothers advice. She had visited Sweden before for an environmental conference and said it was an almost magical place. Her high praise for their sustainability and innovation in terms of things like waste disposal and transport peaked my curiosity. Also, when I began researching studying in Sweden I came across the full SISS scholarship which meant that if I got in I wouldn’t have to worry about school fees or accommodation or things like textbooks.

My Sweden Story
On an NFGL field visit to Kalmar Energi

Do you remember how many Kenyans were in your year?

Yes. We were 14 SISS scholarship recipients in 2016/17.

What was your most memorable experience in Sweden?

There are too many to count or to pick just one. But if I had to I would say swimming in the sea and spending time exploring nature. One thing I am happy to stay is that I got the chance to travel across Sweden. I was able to go to Umeå and experience a winter wonderland, visit Kalmar and see all the castles, go to Stockholm and see the Royal Palace and visit Hamburgsund to experience summer house life. Gothenburg will of course always be my favourite city!

Day Trip to Kalmar
Kalmar 2017
Weekend in Umeå
A recap of Umeå
Hamburgsund in the West of Sweden
My Sweden Story

What do you miss most about Sweden?

My friends. I truly made some amazing friends during my time studying in Sweden. The best thing about studying Global Studies is the nature of the course itself allows for interaction with topics and themes that touch every corner of the globe. It also brought together students from countries such as Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Italy, UK, Japan, China, Taiwan, Finland and USA. We were truly a global class.

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A year in the life of a Kenyan in Sweden
Sigtuna Digital Ambassadors meeting
Masters Graduation in Sweden
Friends at the Graduation afterparty
My Sweden Story
With my friends Patience and Tumi at the Jonkoping Colourush
A year in the life of a Kenyan in Sweden
Way out West Festival in Gotheburg with Sania and Anita
A day in the life of a Kenyan in Sweden
Dinner with the Mayor during Orientation week
Fieldwork Abroad
With my two Swedish classmates Amanda and Nina conducting my field work in Kibera, Nairobi / Source: Anita
My Sweden Story
My favourite dog Oscar
Swedish Rooms
My student room

What are your future plans?

I am currently on the job hunt for something in Communications and Development. Studying in such a multi-disciplinary environment allowed me to pursue my passion for all things digital. I am truly looking forward to pursuing communications and making my mark on the world. Studying in Sweden and being a Digital Ambassador helped me strengthen my writing skills and introduced me to photography and videography. With sustainability and innovation at the heart of Sweden I gained hands on experience and learnt how it is to live in a society that truly values the environment.

Anita profile picture
My coolest professional picture taken in Stockholm at a Digital Ambassador trip/ Photo Credit: Ulf Lundin

Any advice for students planning to study in Sweden?

My Sweden Story
Pre-departure ceremony at the Embassy of Sweden for new 2018 students heading to Sweden / Credit: Fidelis Mburu

As I said in my first blogpost! There’s no degree that’s too out there. They even have a course that focuses on Japanese comic culture at Malmö University. Yup! Comics! With a choice of over 35 Universities. I am sure you’ll find your perfect fit!

How to write a motivational letter
source: Anita / Swedish universities

If this is your first semester make the most out of your time in Sweden. Travel, explore new foods, places and savor every moment. Make new friends, say yes to stepping out your comfort zone and make sure to NETWORK!

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from Swedes is to truly enjoy and savor every single moment especially because the sunshine only lasts a few months!

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Finally signing off…

From Kenya with Love!


Written by Anita

05 Sep 2018