Beach Trip: Loving Skanör


Written by Sanjay

14 Jul 2018

From the best beach in Sweden, with love

Love was in the form of the beautiful resort areas of Falsterbo and Skanör, two small towns located to the southwesternmost tip of Sweden (19.3 miles from Malmö). After a 50 minute trip on the bus (or a 33-minute car ride), you will be amazed by the sheer beauty of this summer town. Coming from the island of Jamaica, a country with amazing tropical beaches, I was pleasantly surprised. I really had no idea that Sweden had such great secrets. Honestly, I was deceived by the long and cold winter.

Entering Skanör bring you into the small medieval town center filled with houses with pleasant personalities.

Skanör houses. Credit: Sanjay

A picturesque walk

The walk to the beach was even more picturesque. It takes you through grazing cows with the very strong scent of nature. So much so, that I was often checking to see if I stepped in some natural gifts from the cows.

Cows grazing. Credit: Sanjay
Walking to the beach. Credit: Sanjay

As you get closer to the beach you can get a nice view of two of the landmarks in Skane/Malmö, the Oresund bridge and the Turning Torso. But the best view comes in the form of little huts that accentuate the beach. Each hut is available for rental, though I’m not entirely sure how you go about renting one.

Beach huts. Credit: Sanjay

The feeling of soft fine-grained sand between your toes and the warm clear water made me regret not having a pina colada with me. If you’re not a great swimmer this beach is perfect for you. For about 30 metres from the shore, the water is pretty shallow. After that, it gradually gets deeper. Hate crowds? Well because of the extended length of the beach and probably the distance out of central Malmö you will have some personal space.  Perfect for when you venture to the nude bathing section (a truly Swedish experience)

Studying for exams while at the beach
Studying for exams while at the beach. Credit: Sanjay

The Beach. Credit: Sanjay

The warmth of the waters also extends beyond the summer months. So although you won’t have the 27-degree sunshine we are having now, you can still enjoy the epicness that is Skanör.

nature reserve sign
Nature reserve. Credit: Sanjay

We should have good weather next week, so I’ll be on the road again. What do you think about Skanör? Where in Skåne should I go next?  Comment below.


Written by Sanjay

14 Jul 2018