My First Swim in a lake!

Anyone who knows me knows how excited I have been over the summer to finally be able to swim in a lake. Coming from a densely populated city in India, I had never had a chance to swim in a lake before. In fact, swimming in a lake is on my ‘bucket list’ of things to do in Sweden!

After some post fika activities and games during an outdoor picnic, my Swedish friend asked me if I was still interested to swim. Now it was 6pm, and the water, he said, would be cold. But my mind was just numb with excitement and I did not think twice before I said yes yes a million times yes! So David, my experienced friend, told me the trick was to run into the water and not wade through it beacuse before you’re body feels that the water is cold you’d already be swimming. But oh boy. I ran, and after running I started swimming, I opened my eyes and could the see the weeds underwater, and then I started feeling cold and after a minute of swimming I paused and looked at David and we had to go back. It was too cold to make a long relaxed swim out of it! I just took a moment to look around and take in the beauty that was around me. And then I slowly swam back.

Later that night David and I walked to the lake again. The sight was surreal. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I don’t think words can do justice to it. I just close my eyes and I can imagine it, feel it. I am sure we all have places like this in our heart, when you close your eyes and imagine, transport us through time, you can almost smell it, you can almost be there, whenever you want!


Written by Raghuraman

04 Oct 2014