Masters in Global Studies

What is Masters in Global Studies?

Lots of people struggle to chose what to study at University. It always seems to be easier for those who study business, finance or medicine. But for those of us interested in ‘Social Science’ this choice may be a little more complicated. 

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Here is my story. I hope it motivates or helps you on your journey to discovering what you want to study.

High School

When I was in high school I loved art, English literature, geography and music. I chose the first three as my A level subjects following advice from my schools study counselor. He really helped me appreciate the fact that you should study what you are passionate about.

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Now came the hard choice of choosing what to study at University. Architecture has always been fascinating to me. As a child, I remember this book in primary school that had pictures of beautiful buildings from around the world. My dream was to build a sustainable city under the ground for people to live in if the earth was not able to sustain us above the ground.



These architect dreams came to a crashing halt when all the universities I was interested in required physics, maths and art. Math has NEVER been my strong suit. I don’t have ‘math concentration’ and when I start seeing things like  or Ω or ∑ my brain switches off. During my IGCSE’s I fell in love with atomic physics but that was short lived. However, my strengths have always involved reading and writing.

I digress, after I applied to a few universities and got rejected ‘OF COURSE’ because the only subject that qualified me was art, I ventured into other options. That is when I landed on the Social Sciences. This was a perfect match for me. I loved being able to choose different electives and explore everything from Texts and Talks in Africa, Word Power to Gender and perspectives and atmospheric science. My choices were limitless and I could pick whatever interested me. I finally graduated with a double major in Gender Studies and Environmental and Geographic Science.

Global Studies

After working for two years and deciding I needed to go back to school. I began the process of choosing which Masters program to apply to. Scholarships were the main deciding factor for what country I chose, so Sweden caught my eye. Next, I was faced with what to choose from the over 900 programmes offered. After weeks of googling I chose four programmes and in August 2016 I began my Masters in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg.

Global Studies


I am currently in my second year and I can say that this program has been a roller coaster ride. One thing that always attracted me to studying in Europe is to explore global issues from a ‘European’ perspective. When I did my undergrad, I was always used to looking at Europe as the ‘Other’ context. Africa was my direct sphere of influence and although I would read books and articles written by European authors it always felt detached.

I can now say that I have been able to experience both sides of the coin. Studying in Africa enriched my knowledge and passion to solve local problems that affect our continent. But learning in Europe has also helped me see that history is important in understanding our current place. Opening my world and meeting many students and lecturers from around the world has been a life changing experience.

Global Studies

It’s the best feeling to meet someone who lives thousands of miles from you in a country that has a completely different religion, political system and climate from yours and still find commonalities between yourselves.

Global Studies
Credit: Anita / Classmates from Germany, England and Austria

This global studies program has transformed my worldview and introduced me to everything from airport security, the global political economy, journalism, migration to gender and terrorism.

Take Away

So, when you’re making your choice on what to study, explore your strengths and passions, do your research, analyse your potential future job market and follow your heart! Especially if you want to study a social science.

Global Studies
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P.S I am so happy I did not get into an architecture program! Shout out to all the hardworking architecture students

From Sweden with love

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Written by Anita

16 Oct 2017