Benefits of Becoming a Digital Ambassador for Study in Sweden

I became a Study in Sweden digital ambassador in 2021, right after I arrived to Sweden. When I applied, I did not expect to get the job. I just thought I’d give it a try! Now it’s been 3 years and I can safely say it was a great decision. It changed my student life in Sweden in so many ways. Here are the biggest benefits of having this job:

Study in Sweden meet-ups

Three times a year, we have meet-ups with our Study in Sweden team. The Instagram, blog, and China teams meet to brainstorm new content for the upcoming months. We stay at a cosy hotel (food, travel, and accommodation included), we have workshops with professionals, and it’s often a lot of fun too.

A group of people laughing.
Photo: Annamaria

Most of the meet-ups are in Stockholm but we also had few in Uppsala. It’s a great way to spend time with wonderful people and explore a new city!

A cosy hotel in Uppsala covered with snow.
Photo: Annamaria

The people you meet

Study in Sweden team is always composed of amazing people from different countries and cultures, studying different programmes. It’s a diverse group of people with unique experiences. You not only get to have a lot of fun but you also learn so much from each other. I feel like now I have friends from all over the world!

Four people of different nationalities taking a selfie.
Photo: TJ

Remote, flexible, and creative job

One of the benefits of this job is that it’s remote – you don’t need to come to an office to do this job. You can be a digital ambassador from anywhere in Sweden. The only requirement is that you are a registered student in Sweden since the content we post is primarily for students.

Photo: Patrik Moravcik

The job offers a lot flexibility for how you schedule your monthly 20 hours. There is also flexibility in the content you create (as long as it’s not offensive, obviously). Everyone’s experience in Sweden is unique and that’s why noone can dictate what you post. You get to track your journey and share it with the world! That’s what makes this work super authentic and what makes me love it even more!

Helping people

As digital ambassadors, our goal is to encourage people to come study in Sweden. We are here to answer questions and make your journey in Sweden more enjoyable. We do it by sharing our tips and tricks, as well as our experiences through blog posts or on Instagram. Getting positive feedback and helping others is what makes this job fulfilling!

Summer house
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I always appreciate when someone approaches me and says that my blog posts helped them on their journey. Same as when I receive emails with questions or supportive comments! This is why we do what we do! 😊

More interesting CV and financial compensation

Last but not least, the job is officially offered by the Swedish Institute. How fancy does it sound to say: “I work for the Swedish Institute!”. If that’s not enough, imagine how it’ll look on your CV. Next to full time studies, you managed to work for the Swedish Institute? Wow!
You also get a small financial compensation. It’s not going to cover all your expenses since the job is only about 20 hours a month but in Sweden, even a small income helps, right?

Interested in the job? Apply! Read Cocillier’s blog post to learn more on how to become Study in Sweden digital ambassador.


Written by Annamaria

04 Jul 2024