Reasons why I look for a job in Sweden after my studies

Nana’s here! Earlier this month, I got a Master’s degree in Sustainable Communication from Jönköping University. Yes, I came to Sweden with the intention to learn and to immerse myself in a new culture. Little did I know, this country would win my heart and make me want to stay after my studies. Here, let me tell you why~👻

No hierarchy in the office
Being a Digital Ambassador for Study in Sweden was my first taste of Swedish work culture. On my first day, we gathered around for a “fika” (a coffee break) with the managers and teammates. We chatted about everything very casual, like weekend plans. This friendly vibe was quite a contrast to the hierarchical office environments I was used to for years. I quickly felt at ease sharing my ideas during team meetings, knowing they would be valued. This level of inclusiveness and respect made me feel genuinely heard as a part of the team.

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Study in Sweden digital ambassadors
Digital ambassadors for Study in Sweden 2023-2024, we learned so much from each other 🙂 //Photo: Yan Wang

The balance is real
Volunteering at Erikshjälpen, a charity organisation, showed me how seriously Swedes take work-life balance. The people I worked with were dedicated, but they also made sure to enjoy their personal time. They left work on time, enjoyed weekends with their families, and participated in community activities. Inspired by them, I started exploring Sweden’s nature, joining hiking trips, and enjoying the stunning landscapes. This taught me the importance of balancing work with personal life, something I continue to value.

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Volunteering at Erikshjälpen
Volunteering at Erikshjälpen, sorting clothes for their second-hand store. //Photo: Nana

Generous holidays and leave
Over this summer, I work part-time as a housekeeper in a hotel. I was amazed when my colleagues talked about their generous holiday and parental leave benefits. Regardless of age or line of work, everyone is entitled to at least 25 full days of vacation every year under the Annual Leave Act. Evenmore, for maternity and parental leave, one of my coworkers, Nawal, took almost a year off to care for her newborn, knowing her job would be waiting for her. My supervisor in the hotel will also enjoy a month of extended summer vacations. This is a cultural norm where everyone supports each other in taking the time they need, showing strong societal care for well-being and family life.

Equality is not a buzzword
Sometimes I also volunteer at Kulturhuset, a cultural centre, and I experienced Sweden’s commitment to equality firsthand. Our team was a diverse mix of ages, genders, and nationalities. Decisions were made collectively, and everyone’s input was valued equally. This level of equality and respect in the workplace fostered a collaborative and innovative environment, making me feel proud and motivated to contribute.

Event with local communities
We once volunteered to make a collective soup kitchen event where we gathered with local communities. //Photo: Nana

A commitment to sustainability
Sweden’s all about going green, and I saw this up close while doing volunteer work at Erikshjälpen. Everything they do, from their second-hand stores to recycling programs, is very circular and eco-friendly. This lined up perfectly with what I learned in my Sustainable Communication studies where I learned the importance of conveying effective sustainability messages to drive real change. Living in a place where everyone cares about the environment not only backed up what I learned in school but also inspired me in my own life and future career.💕

Summary: It’s a place to belong
Staying in Sweden feels like the right choice for me. It’s where I’ve grown, made connections, and found a sense of belonging. Note that, as graduates of Swedish schools, we can extend our permit to look for jobs after studies and it can be valid for up to one year. Inez wrote some tips to look for jobs after studies here.

Credits: Season 5 Work GIF by Good Trouble

So, it has been quite a journey, and this is also one of my last blog posts as a Study in Sweden Digital Ambassador. Ahhh, I wish everyone good luck and send you all positive energy! 😇


Written by Nana

23 Jun 2024