What Happens If I Don’t Get in?

Rejection is incredibly hard and never really gets easier. Competition is intense for programs or it might just not be your time. Regardless, not having your dream come true of studying and moving abroad is incredibly emotional. While it is hard to face the fact that you didn’t get in, there are some things you can do to not only get through this time but also try again.

First off, some common reactions you might experience include anger, sadness, and disappointment. It is normal and valid to feel these emotions because you cared about this opportunity and you wanted something to come out of it. Instead of shooing away those emotions, sit with them and ask yourself why you’re experiencing them and notice how they make you feel.

While you can rack your brain of a million different reasons of why you didn’t get in here are the most common:

  • You didn’t have enough experience in your field.
  • There were not enough available spots within the program.
  • You missed something within your application.
  • Your scores weren’t competitive enough.
  • Your application didn’t connect with the schools visions and goals

All of these reasons are ok and sometimes we make mistakes or miss something on our applications. This is all a learning and growing experience for you to take something from.

While it is easy to sit and sulk in your room that you didn’t get in, here are some actionable steps you can take to feel better and even try again:

  • Stay Calm: It is important to stay calm and take deep breaths and relax. I know this is an unfortunate situation you are in but it is crucial you do everything you can to be relaxed and keep yourself mentally well.
  • Accept the Fact You Did Everything You Could: Sometimes accepting we did everything we could is all we can do when things go wrong and are out of our hands. This can almost be a freeing feeling to let go of things you cannot control and in this situation it might be helpful.
  • Contact the Programme Director of the Programme You Applied to and Ask How Can You Improve: When writing, make sure that you are being respectful to this individual. It might also be helpful to give yourself time before contacting to process your emotions.
  • Continue to Keep Working on Your Work/Volunteer Experience: One reason you might not have gotten in to your programme was lack of experience. This could be through jobs or volunteer experience. Taking another year to work on your experience will make your resume look even greater and will make your chances greater as well. Build that resume!
  • Apply Again Next Year! : Just because you didn’t get in this year does not mean your chances to live and study in Sweden are over! The program you’re interested in (along with many more) will open again next year for you to try as many times as you’d like. Don’t give up on your dreams!

While it is heartbreaking to not get into the school and opportunity of your dreams, you can still try again. There are always second, third, fourth, and so on chances for you to keep your dream alive. Sweden is waiting for you, don’t give up!


Written by Brooke

08 Apr 2021