5 reasons why you have to explore Hökälla park


Written by Usisipho

19 Oct 2018

I woke up early one morning and peeked outside. The trees outside my window were still, not even the gentlest rustle of leaves could be heard. The sun had just risen, and the sky was dappled with some light clouds. Perfect! I didn’t have lectures that day so I decided to go outside and explore a park! But where to go?


I opened the notes app on my phone to browse through a list of parks that some friends had recommended. Something a little bit outside of the city sounded more interesting, so I picked Hökälla, not really knowing what to expect. Time to pack my bag – water, snacks, camera, rain jacket, and then I hopped on the bus. After all the familiar Gothenburg city landmarks, I was finally there. Here are 5 reasons why you should check out Hökälla park!

1. Friendly animals

When I arrived, I was greeted by a field full of sheep! And they sure were friendly, with a few of them curiously running up to the fence. I petted a couple of them and walked on to the nearby forest.

Friendly Hökälla sheep | Source: Usisipho

To my surprise, I then came across a cat sitting on a rock. Soon, the friendly little guy also ran up to me to play!

Friendly cat | Source: Usisipho

2. Lush vegetation

I continued through the park, just seeing what was on offer. There were a few streams, footpaths, and marshy areas. I was quite surprised, the vegetation ranged from reeds, to forest, to grasses, and flowers. This diversity encourages birds to thrive here, with the park being home to over 100 species of bird! They weren’t quite as friendly as the sheep and cat though…

Hökälla vegetation | Source: Usisipho
Hökälla plants | Source: Usisipho

3. Canopy views

I carried on through the trees – my goal was to reach a lookout tower in the middle of the forest. I found the bright yellow tower and climbed a few levels to the top. The views were not disappointing – nearby you could see the canopy of the forest, with a train track gently winding its way between the trees.

Train in the distance | Source: Usisipho

4. Peace and quiet in the park

During my walk, I only came across a few other people – 2 others also out for a walk, and a mountain biker. Perfect for a quiet morning out – I’d recommend it for a walk, short run, or just somewhere to relax. Despite its proximity to the city centre, Hökälla is tranquil and is a pleasure to explore.

Tranquil surroundings | Source: Usisipho

5. A different perspective of the city

I always enjoy seeing a different side of the city. Considering I spend most of my days at university and in the city centre, I think it’s important to make a proper effort to explore the exciting, new city you’re studying in. Whether it be a different neighborhood, an island in archipelago, a lake, or different parks, it’s always refreshing getting a new perspective.

Gothenburg in the distance | Source: Usisipho

Hökälla is located on the island of Hisingen. In the distance you can see Gothenburg, with the (in)famous red and white “Lipstick” building visible! After enjoying the views and friendly animals, it was time to go home. It was barely afternoon, but I felt that a nap was in order to recharge for the next outing!

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Written by Usisipho

19 Oct 2018