Weird and Fun Swedish Student Quirks

Studying in Sweden will entail a good quality education, a global exposure with friends from all over the world, a good platform to build your future on.
It will also bring about new silly, weird and fun habits in you.
Here are some typical quirks an average student in Sweden will exhibit.


2. Hanging out near the “laundry booking” system, hoping for the best.

Student A: Hey, What’s your plan for today? 
Student B: Trying to book (and/or do) my laundry.
Student A: Oh me too! 
*Sad Hi5*


Here the laundry system is such that you need to book it before you use it, and in big student accommodations with a lot of students, it gets booked up pretty fast. So, you’ll find yourself near the laundry booking system more than you’d expect.

3. Sending a silent prayer to the universe before checking next week’s class schedule and hoping that you don’t have a 8 am class.

What happens at 8am –
The temperature outside: -4 degrees;
The view outside: Dark.
Who would want to go out then? Who? WHO?


4. One of your daily affirmations will be “that’s ok, I can have 1 more (or 4 more) cup(s) of coffee today”


“Coffee Coffee Coffee  Coffee Coffee  Coffee” is the sound your heart makes. 
There’s no limit to how much coffee and cinnamon buns one can consume.

5. “Fun” daily game you’ll play – “How many layers is too many layers?”

Players: You and the weather.


1. Get Dressed.
2. Are these many layers of clothes enough to keep me warm today?
3. Go out, shiver a little, curse yourself for not wearing one more layer.
4. Repeat daily.


6. Perfecting the fine balance between running to catch the bus, and not slipping on ice.

(And when you slip, trying to act suave and pretend like you’re not the clumsiest person in the world.)


Ok bye now,I gotta go hang out by the laundry machine!
/For now, your Swe-Desi Seafarer signing off 🙂 


Written by Supritha

21 Feb 2018