What is Afterwork


Written by Anita

12 Feb 2018

The art of the Afterwork

As a student, you’re always on a budget and cheap (affordable) drinks are always a welcomed treat. Here comes in the Afterwork. This will probably be one of the first phrases you’ll learn during your time in Sweden, of course after ‘fika’.

Meaning of Afterwork

Afterwork or also knows as ‘AW’ said as (ah-veh) is the Swedish term used to describe drinks that you catch usually with colleagues or friends ‘after work’. In other parts of the world it could loosely be translated to mean happy hour. But as you know with Sweden and Swedish in general there usually isn’t a direct English translation.

What is Afterwork
Drinks with the digital ambassadors / Credit: Anita

I had my first encounter with Afterwork when a senior student invited a couple of classmates and I to Yaki-Da in Gothenburg for drinks on our first Friday of the semester. For me, I will always associate afterwork with Yaki-Da.

What is Afterwork
Afterwork at Yaki Da / Credit: Anita

Afterworks typically start off your weekend with a bang and are a solid staple in the life of an international student in Sweden. They usually start from around 16:00 – 17:00 and end from anywhere from 19:00 to all night long.

What is Afterwork
Afterwork at Yaki Da with Friends / Credits: Anita

Afterworks in Gothenburg

Here is a list of 10 great Afterwork places in Gothenburg

  1. Kings Head – Andra Långgatan 32 – Buffet and a beer for 33SEK
  2. Queens Head – Andra Långgatan 32 – Buffet
  3. Yaki-Dah – Storgatan 47 – Half price drinks and free pizza until 22:00
  4. Café Viiva – Vasaplatsen 1 – Buffet
  5. Lounge – Vasaplatsen 1 – Free snacks and discounted beers
  6. La Sombrita – Linnégatan 23 – Tapas Buffet and discounted beers
  7. Istallet – Linnégatan 37 – A glass of champagne, beer or wine and buffet for 149SEK
  8. Foxes – Gibraltargatan 8 – Taco buffet plus a Beer, wine, cider for 129SEK
  9. Hard Rock Café – Kungsportsavenyen 10– Buffet
  10. Vasa Bar – Kungsportsavenyen 10 – Beer for 35SEK

There are also options for having afterworks while you play games like shuffleboard, boule, golf and bowling. Check out this link for more information.

What is Afterwork
Shuffleboard at Biljardpalatset Gothenburg / Credit: Anita


Afterwork is a great Swedish tradition but should always be exercised with caution.

You should remember to pace yourself and drink lots of water!

Be sure to check out your local city restaurants and bars for afterwork specials.

What is Afterwork
Dinner and Drinks / Credit: Anita

Also check out Emma’s post on her experiences with English pubs.

If you wanna impress your Swedish friends on Friday ask them ‘Ska vi ta en snabb öl efter klass?’ meaning ‘Wanna grab a quick beer after class?’


From Sweden with love


Written by Anita

12 Feb 2018