Five Things to Do in Winter


Written by Sania

04 Feb 2018

Flögsta in the winter
You don’t have to travel far, just go out of your room and see the beauty| Source: Sania Saraswati


What are the odds, travelling is the first on the list? Whether the destination is somewhere warm and cold, travelling is always good to some sunshine in the dark days of winter. Inez has proved it in her spontaneous trip to Kiruna. I think it would be great if I can go back to Indonesia while winter resides in Sweden, but to be like Inez and embrace even colder weather would be fun as well.

Frozen lake in Fjällnora Friluftsområde
Don’t try to swim in the winter | Source: Sania Saraswati


Carolyn has done winter right as she picked up the board and went to the slope to do some ski. If swimming outdoor is encouraged in the summer, it is not in the winter. Instead, skiing is popular for winter sport. Myself, I have not yet tried skiing – ever. That is why I am planning to go on a ski trip with Bown, Ian and Emily from Study in Sweden Chinese Team. Stay tuned for the post about this trip!

Walking on frozen Ramsen lake
Learning on how to walk on the frozen Ramsen lake

Walking on ice

As an Indonesian, I was always walking on sunshine. The tropical climate caused the seasons to be dry or wet, so we have no winter which means zero ice exist. The thought of standing on frozen lake thrilled me and I wished that I would be able to experience it during my two-years master study. Be careful what you wish for, as mine escalated into walking 1.5 km on the frozen lake of Ramsen. Many thrills.

Safe iceskating
Safety first, always have this around your neck when skiing on a frozen lake | Source: Sania Saraswati

Ice skating

So you have walked on the ice, try skating on it. Preferably on a frozen lake, as the one that I tried in Fjällnora friluftsområde, Uppsala. You can rent the skating shoes for an hour for 60 SEK. If you want to keep it longer, you can also have it for 24 hours if you don’t feel tired of moving around with a slice of steel under your feet. It was scary but super fun! I would love to do it again.

Supritha, Sanjay and Caroline
Supritha, Sanjay and Caroline in the woods | Source: Sania Saraswati

Go out with friends (or hanging in the house)

This is a fun one and is totally a MUST! It is very easy to get lethargic in the winter, and it is not only you, everyone feels the same. Have some fika with friends, or go out to the woods to shoot some video as Supritha, Sanjay, and Caroline did last year in Umeå. Friends are sunshine.


Written by Sania

04 Feb 2018