Speaking Swedish…The Challenge (Video)

Challenging Yourself

‘I’m excited to share my brand new idea with you guys. After sitting and thinking of various ways to help you in preparing for Sweden, I’ve decided to make a new series called ‘The Challenge‘. There, I will be motivating you to put your best foot forward on your mission to Study in Sweden, by challenging myself to do many things. In light of that, the first challenge is speaking Swedish!

The Challenge: Swedish

There’s no surprise to the fact that that speaking Swedish could easily land you a job in Sweden. In addition to that, learning the language will make your living experience after your studies much easier. The first thing we must overcome though, is The Challenge of learning all these new pronunciations, especially the ‘ö’ and ‘å’. In this video, Nadya, an Indonesian exchange student jumped her competition shoes and went head to head with me. The mission was to pronounce some of the most difficult Swedish words. To be honest, a lot of the words were super difficult, especially because they don’t look like how they sound.

The Challenge : Swedish was judged by Yrsa (my Criminology classmate) and was so much fun!  All in all, it was an intense battle of the nations and an exciting learning experience. I cant wait to be much better at speaking Swedish. I’ve taken a couple steps to improving, I’ve signed up for Swedish For Immigrants (SFI) and I’m also studying on my own. I highly recommend doing this prior to coming to Sweden, it’s very good to set a good foundation to learning the language form early on.

Who do you think will win? Indonesia or Jamaica? #TheChallenge #StudyInSweden

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Written by Sanjay

13 Dec 2017