Pepparkaksbak or Gingerbread Part 1


Written by Sania

10 Dec 2017


You know ginger is not originated from Sweden, but believe or not, gingerbread is a Swedish culture especially in December. It makes sense though, considering the daylight is getting shorter in the winter then more activities have to take place indoors. It is only the first week of December but I had attended two pepparkaksbak events. I feel like a true Swede now.

mums is not mothers
Edite taught me this word, it means yum, not mothers | Source: Kartika Dyah Palupi

A true modern Swede, because in the two events I used ready made gingerbread dough. Otherwise, it would take a longer time and effort. Inte fun. Oh, this is not something that can only be done in Sweden so if you have some free time and want to hang out with your friends at home, this could be an option. As I said before, it would be very convenient if you can get a ready-made dough so what you need next will be a rolling pin, flour, cookie cutters. Cake decorations are optional.

what you need
Flour, dough, cookie cutter and friends | Source: Sania Saraswati

So the steps are:

1. Flatten the dough

step 1
Don’t forget to keep flouring the dough | Source: Sania Saraswati

2. Cut it, according to your design (or the cookie cutter that you have)

step 2
Cut the flattened dough according to your wish | Source: Sania Saraswati

3. Get them baked

step 3
Oven, much warm, so cookies | Source: Sania Saraswati

4. It’s hot so make it cool

step 4
Cooled down the cookie | Source: Sania Saraswati

5. Make them pretty, or at least try

step 5
Fancy them up as you wish | Source: Sania Saraswati

Next part will be about pepparkakshus, or as I call it, gingerbread house. When I got back from the digital ambassadors meetup in Umeå, I will join forces with my housemates to continue on the ambitious project of gingerbread pagoda.


Written by Sania

10 Dec 2017