New podcast: Sweden and Short Film

My first podcast

In my first podcast (!!) for Study in Sweden, I explored Uppsala’s 36th International Short Film Festival. The festival took place in the final week of October, with filmmakers and artists visiting from all over the world to showcase their work. The podcast features interviews with acclaimed short filmmakers Shirley Bruno and Isabel Lamberti, as well as interviews with international students who volunteered at the festival and saw some of the short films.

With a short introduction by me on why I love Sweden/how I ended up in this (increasingly cold) land, I give listeners an introduction to the type of topics you can expect to be discussed over the next year. Though of course, please do get in touch by leaving a comment wherever you get your podcasts or in the comments of this blog if there is something specific you would like me to cover!

How is it structured?

Hoping to mimic the greats of podcasting, I structure the show into three acts (and also because I love theatre, so of course..). The acts are named after ABBA lyrics (again, because I’m a walking cliché): Act I – “What’s the Name of the Game”, Act II – “All I Do is Eat and Sleep and Sing”, and Act III – “The Winner Takes it All.”

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“Sweden And:”  is produced and hosted  by Emma Welton, a digital ambassador for Study In Sweden. 


Written by Emma

05 Nov 2017