New beginnings: Destination Stockholm!

Do you know that feeling when you are right about to start something new? When you take a leap of faith and just trust the sparkles in your eyes that come from new beginnings. When you don’t have everything under control but you know it is time to make the move. Your heart starts beating faster and the air seems a little bit heavier. In the meantime you double check a sort of mental list you created because the notion that you are leaving something behind don’t go away. Well that was me, few weeks ago.

Ok, let me explain a bit. As you may know from my posts before, as part of my master program in Strategic Communications we are encourage to gain some working experience for the summer or fall period. After all, complementing theory with practice is the best way to learn, right? So, few months ago I started searching for my “dream summer internship”, or something like that.  The process was not easy, especially if your Swedish is very limited (as mine) but you still are aiming high.

Many applications, emails, interviews,  no’s, yes’s, maybe’s, later I GOT IT! and landed up at the desktop in Stockholm from where now I’m writing this lines (During my lunch break, off course hahah). The company is a marketing and communication leader in Northern Europe working to “help everyone in the world find the right education”. I’m part of the International Communications and Marketing Department working with digital communications strategies.

But I won’t talk about work stuff now (that will come later, promise!), rather I want to talk about beginnings. Those moments in life when a blank page is right in front of you and anything can be written.

Exactly 2 weeks ago, this new chapter in my Swedish adventure started. But it also started 10 months ago when I moved to this country and it will happen again when I go back to Dominican Republic. For many of you that read this blog your blank page will come in a few months when you begin your studies in Sweden, or if you just graduated when you return to your home country ready to build a brighter future.

Nevertheless, make every word count, fill your page with adventures, ask questions, find answers, open your eyes to a new world and write a story worth reading. Don’t get me wrong, I know beginnings are hard. It takes a lot of courage and self understanding to get out there, to tell your story and be make sure it’s heard. But I also think that is exactly what makes it especial and rewarding. So, until September I’ll be writing and sharing life from here, a bit more north.

I’m still getting used to everything. Work-space, new friends, different room, another city and… did I mention I also got a new bike! I have the feeling many things are waiting just around the corner, plus I’ve heard Stockholm in the summer is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

So, ready or not, here I go. My blank page of Destination Stockholm starts now to be written. Come along!



Written by Ivanna

16 Jun 2017