Where to live in Malmö? – Students’ opinions

Where to live in Malmö? Finding accommodation in Malmö can be hard, especially when you don’t know the city. What is the best place to live in Malmö? What areas are unsafe? Where is the center of the citylife? Which neighbourhood is the most beautiful? Typically the most recommended places include: Västra hamnen, Old Town, Triangeln, Möllevången and Värnhem. The controversial district that you can hear the most bad opinions about is Rosengärd.  But are these just stereotypes? I asked students from Malmö University to give me their personal opinions about the neighbourhood they live in. Let’s explore Malmö’s districts.


“An apartment in the Old Town is a real catch! But unfortunately the prices are usually a bit higher. I was really lucky to find a room next to the canal for an accessible price and I loved it! It is so close to everything that I could even walk to University or parties. And since I don’t like walking alone at night it was really important to me how safe it feels there!”

“It is nice to be in the walking distance from everything and also it’s one of the most beautiful areas filled with historical buildings.”


“Well, I have to say that Värnhem is a very good place to live in Malmö. It’s very well connected – Central Station, Triangeln and Värnhem are the three transportation hubs of the city. And most importantly – university housing Rönnen is here: it’s good to live next to the place where all the parties take place! It’s a student social centre. And it’s not far from University. It takes me around 20 minutes to get there by bike. That being said – the location is the biggest plus. The area is not so spectacular by itself, certainly there are more beautiful or vibrant places to live in Malmö. “

“Värnhem is maybe not the prettiest area in Malmö and not really a place to hang out, but considering price, safety and location, it offers a really good compromise for students. Just a few minutes away (depending on the exact location) from the university, central station, nightlife and with a direct bus connection to Lund.”


“Living in my district is peaceful. It is a well organized area, where the streets are kept clean, the dynamics of vehicles, bicicles and people is chilled, few local shops supply basic needs and public transportation takes me to the main places in the city in short time. This area is more occupied by families than students, surrounded by parks and close to the beach.”


“Söderkulla is a quiet part of town south of the central part of the city. Mobilia is the closest shopping area with an ICA and Willy’s attached to it. However there are smaller grocery stores like Netto nearby. Primarily, small families and the elderly inhabit the area so it’s a very chill area to kickback and unwind. There are scenic backroads with lots of trees for taking walks or leisurely bike rides as well as a number of play structures for children. The #2 bus runs through this area about every 7 minutes during the daytime and then every 20 minutes in the night. Despite being a 30 minute bus ride to the University, its a versatile route that takes you through major hub spots like Södervärn, Triangeln, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Central Station, and even Turning Torso.”


“Malmö studenthus is located a bit far from the university, approx 30 mins by bus but It is a good choice for those who like some privacy , as each studio apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom. The neighbourhood itself does not have the best reputation, so one’s feeling of safety will probably depend on one’s previous living situations. I’m personally okay with it and there is quite a few international students living in building.”


“I lived only briefly there and I have to say I couldn’t wait to move out! I changed apartments after a month as I didn’t really feel safe there after dark.”


“Oxie is a city district south-east of Malmö. How south-east? Around 10 km, which brings to the main feature of the place: it’s much farther than most locations around Malmö. This means that cycling is an even more important (and needed) activity. Fortunately, the bike path that connects to the city is very pleasant, with a lot of greenery and animals around – specially bunnies. Bunnies everywhere. But if you need to use public transport, there’s a direct line that goes directly to the central station. At the center of Oxie there’s also a very convenient train station, supermarket, library, gym, pubs and other kind of stores. There’s also an Observatory close by, which is super awesome. Overall, the area is very pleasant, with plenty of nature around. It is also very peaceful and quiet, for better and worse. The students apartments are nice and affordable: you also have your own kitchen and balcony (don’t expect holding parties at your place though, all your friends will complain that it’s too far!).”


„This area is just incredible – certainly the most beautiful part of Malmö. It is very modern – this is the district of famous Turning Torso! But unfortunately the accommodation is quite expensive here.”

These are just some examples: Malmö has many neighbourhoods and it would impossible to write something about all of them. But if you would like to know something about a particular area – feel free to comment with a question.


Written by Agnieszka

05 Apr 2017