Taking Stock Swedish Life

Taking Stock : Friday 27 January 2017

Making:Carpe Diem’ my new motto, life is too short not to dream bigger, live the life you were destined for and travel the world far and wide.

Drinking: Vitamin C tablets diluted in my water. I cannot afford to get sick in this weather. It’s -1˚C but I’m not complaining. I guess it really does take some getting used to.

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Reading:  An Introduction to Political Economy (Evolution & Dynamics). My course elective for this spring semester. Enjoying it!

Wanting: A big juicy Fish Taco. I watched this advert from Abba Seafood about these 2 ladies who go around to random people’s houses to and ask if they eat fish and make an amazing meal so the family sees that fish is great. It’s in Swedish.

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Looking: Forward to the month of March. Isssssssssss my birthday plus a lot of cool things are going down that month. Looking forward to also sharing them with you.

Wasting: Time, I have an assignment to submit on Monday but those 40 page readings are doing me in.

Wishing: To spend more time with friends and family by travelling alot this year. I only have 2 years in Europe I might as well enjoy the Swedish Residency permit while it lasts.

Taking Stock

Waiting: For Sunday. I’m attending the Leon Lurje Trophy 2017. Which is an Ice skating competition that will be held in Gothenburg. I am such a fan of synchronized sports and competitive figure skating. I’ve only seen ice skating competitions on TV. I can’t wait to see it LIVE.

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Wondering: How many movies I can afford to watch during the Göteborg Film Festival.  Some of them are a don’t miss!

Loving: The weather. I know. These words have never come out of my mouth. It’s -1˚C outside but I am currently snuggling under a blanket in the library. Also, it’s a chance to wear all those pretty sweaters that I got during autumn.

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Hoping: I remember to tick off my to do list this week.

Needing: To finish my assignment.

Bookmarking: My favourite vlogs that include Nikki and Jamie , Wendy Williams and One minute Economics

Giggling: At the most hilarious thing I have encountered in a while, ever heard of the Pengest munch? Thank me later.

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Cooking: Some Fish tacos soon as I get home.

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Playing: A mix by DJ Shinski from Kenya!!! The song Muziki is lit!Thank me later….

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Wearing: Jeans (my staple), lined boots, a vest, knit sweater, about to put my scarf and winter jacket on because the library is freezing!

Liking: That our SI Network of Global Future Leaders has our first Annual meeting this weekend. Last year we took an amazing trip to UN City in Copenhagen.

Taking Stock

Organizing: My Christmas and New Years pictures from Kenya.

Holiday collage

This year is going to be amazing!

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From Sweden with Love


Written by Anita

27 Jan 2017