Things I’ve done in Sweden

The end of the year is for many a time of summaries. We look back at the last year, evalaute it and make plans for the next one. As a lists-freak I have already strated working on my New Year’s Resolutions. But before I present you a list of things I plan to do during my next months in Sweden, I would like to reminisce some of the things I’ve already done. So without much thinking I have written a list of 50 things I have done in Sweden during these last 4 months. Feel free to take a peek into my life as an international student.


  1. discovered Malmo during an introduction week
  2. bought a bike
  3. gone bouling
  4. got my bike stolen
  5. sung ABBA karaoke
  6. attended networking event
  7. got a gym membership
  8. celebrated Kanelbulle dag (national Cinnamon Bun Day!)
  9. learnt to code in Processing
  10. cooked national dishes with classmates from another continents THINGS1
  11. got hit on by a Swedish guy (they tend to be so shy, I consider it a success!)
  12. built my first Arduino machine
  13. been completely awestruck by Malmo University’s guest lecturers
  14. ended a party with a 3-o-clock falafel
  15. read 41 academic papers on interaction design
  16. fallen asleep on a train and gone to a wrong city
  17. scheduled CV counselling
  18. lost beerpong to a blindfolded person
  19. programmed a game about an astronaut cat
  20. celebrated un-birthdayTHINGS2
  21. built a machine preparing vitamin drinks
  22. won a Marvel themed pub quiz
  23. presented a tangible interface project at a demo-hour
  24. wished I didn’t have to go back home
  25. wished my visit home didn’t have to end
  26. stayed up reading academic texts until 3 a.m.
  27. been introduced to a concept of Falafel Friday
  28. visited Moderna Museet
  29. watched sunrise in Stockholm’s harbour
  30. watched sunset in Gothenburg’s harbourTHINGS3
  31. had fun in biggest Scandinavian amusement park
  32. started writing my very first academic paper on interaction design
  33. cursed groupwork (Why can’t we all agree on one thing, guys?)
  34. loved groupwork (I wouldn’t have done it without you, guys!)
  35. attended traditional Swedish Julbord
  36. enjoyed Swedish trains more than expected (railways are often just next to lakes!)
  37. had to schedule every talk with my friends back home on Skype
  38. become an Eramus buddy for a Spanish girl coming in January
  39. spent countless hours looking for an apartment
  40. decided to move to dormsTHINGS4
  41. enjoyed many gossiping fikas with my girls
  42. started Friday mornings with a lecture from Creative Mornings
  43. finished Thursday evenings with lectures and pizzas at Foo Cafe
  44. spent every Wednesday at a pubquiz with my classmates
  45. went to a hospital
  46. participated in Urban Sketcher’s meetings
  47. started taking vitamin D regularly
  48. learned about political history of Sweden
  49. discussed ethics of self-driving cars and many other interesting topics during classes
  50. fallen in love with Sweden

…actually I could go on and on like that. Those 4 months were full of experiences! Now I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings! 


Written by Agnieszka

27 Dec 2016