Embrace the darkness: A must read

Don’t panic. The Swedish darkness also have a bright side.


So there I was staring at the window shocked by the fact that even tough outside looks like 8 p.m.  it was only 4:30 p.m. How is that even possible? I’ve read about this, I’ve seen it in documentary films and off course they warned us several times in the introduction week, but as a Caribbean it was just not in my mindset. Now it’s real and it’s here to stay. At least for a while.

If you’re in Sweden, by now you have experience it, that moment when a part of you feels like its time for dinner and go to bed but then you realize you just ate lunch and have many things pending in your “to do list”.

The next you know is that under your covers and by the heater are the best places to be. And leaving the house becomes an extreme sport you can always postpone.

Ok, ok, probably I’m just adding a little bit of drama to all this. Because yes, dear readers, there’s a bright side within this gloomy days. Here are some things that will help you love a little more (or hate a little less), the Swedish darkness.

  1. Coziness’ level 100. Imagine, you are walking home after a long day. The wind already has you with red cheeks and your hands are frozen because you forget to wear the right pair of gloves. You get home; open the door and the warm place feel like it’s hugging you. You take your shoes off, light a candle and place it by the window that reminds you is dark outside, prepare some tea and play your favorite music. Perfection.
  2. Talking about lights and candles, Swedish have them all year around but in this time of the year even the whole city seems to be cover by more lights you ever thought. Here in Helsingborg the park is already illuminated with green, blue and yellow lights and off course don’t forget the Christmas lights.
  3. Baking becomes a new hobby. I mean you have to find things to do indoor, right? Even if you burn a few pans in the first attempts.
  4. Coffee and hot chocolate always taste better. (No explanation needed)
  5. Inspiration knock on the door. It’s dark, and you are indoors, with all this coziness (see above) but its only 4:00 p.m. So why not to start new things like writing a letter to an old friend you always leave for later. Or brainstorm some ideas for that startup you’ve always wanted to create. The time is now.
  6. Movie nights can be earlier… anyways the sun is already gone so why not. Invite some friends over, make popcorn and let the good times roll.

For me its like the nature it’s telling you to slow down a little and find beauty in things you tend to forget or leave aside. The city changes its rhythm, the tree lost their leaves and you become part this of that transformation as well.

So let’s enjoy it as much as we can! I mean, we have no choice, right?

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Side note: As you may know this is my first winter in Sweden, so probably this is why I have such a positivistic approach. Let’s see what I say after the cold winter. By the way, what else do you LIKE about swedish darkness?


Feature image by Elena Wahlman – Image Bank of Sweden


Written by Ivanna

08 Nov 2016