So Swedish…

I have been out of Sweden for a while now, just to remind my family and friends back home of my existence and of course for all the good food that comes with the celebrations! Taking a step back makes you rethink all the stuff that already became normal when rushing through every day of a semester in Sweden. So this is why I decided to do a part two of things that make life in Sweden different from back home. For some reason I did this with drawings and hand writing, for both I have zero talent so apologies if you can’t get any of it. At least you had some extra procrastination time!

Prices of alcohol… This, sadly, is not a rumour..


A very important one, waiting in line….


Me on the subway reading the stops, then listening to the lady announcing them:


The happy pills (they give you the vitamins you are missing out on when there’s no sunlight) are a real thing in Sweden, and I am doubting whether I should start taking some. (If I do, I will definitely post something about it!)


The only place where you can buy alcohol has some serious issues with opening hours.. An even better strategy than high prices if you ask me.


Every day when arriving in class.. The old excuses just won’t work, everything is always on time :s. (I’m still brainstorming on new ones.)


Necessary attributes for walks outside:


This one really shows my mad drawing skills. Thanks. When I decide to pay the enormous entrance fee to a party, life as a giraffe is at least over!


Seriously time for me to stop you from trying to decode my scribbles. The one letter you probably couldn’t read is an ‘r’, so you can go back for that, sorry for telling you at the end.

I’ll see you soon Sweden, with all your quirks! But first, pass me another slice of pie please 🙂


Written by Elke

31 Dec 2015