Universities & rankings – Part 1

Ranks! Ranks! Ranks!

Yes so that’s how I often get bombarded with questions regarding ranking. So allow me to clarify about two different types of rankings in here – one is which you perceive reflects the wellness of an institution and how good is it among the other. Another is the ranking you have to do in the University Admissions Sweden while submitting your application for admission. In this post, I shall talk about the first type of ranking which is the initial stage of choosing which universities to apply for.

So many students I have met tell me that rankings are the full-stop of a research. By that they mean which ever universities come up the list are likely to be the best for any student with any background. Also, rankings are used as a measuring gauge to compare two or more universities which deciding which one to apply for. Though under few scenarios this approach might work, but let me tell you that it is definitely not the whole story.

Let’s talk about the context of Swedish universities. In general, all Swedish colleges and higher education institutions maintain a high standard. These are due to various reasons such as hefty amount of research grants, improved collaboration with other foreign universities, high quality faculty and of course support from the Swedish government, that always look to improve the education standard ad experience for all incoming local and foreign students. Therefore, you can rest assured that wherever you study in Sweden, you are in good hands!

Moreover, from my experience of applying to Germany, Finland, Australia and finally coming to Sweden, I can share my view that lot of other factors come into play when you make decisions regarding universities. First and foremost, give your passion the most priority. If you want to study Computer Science for example, research all the universities and their CS program. See what sort of modules they have, what is their syllabus, the area of research undertaken in the faculty etc. This is extremely vital if you are to enjoy the course of your education and not just pursue it just because it’s up the ranking list. Secondly, have a look at where the university is located. It is always nice to get an idea of the city you will be spending your days in. Try to find different attractions, things-to-do and places to hangout and eat etc. Then also, you can research on job opportunities, internships etc. around that region if you are interested to pursue a career after your studies here in Sweden. All in all, these will give you a complete picture of how your life is going to be and will make it much easier for you to plan and avoid any sort of shocks that many students receive, after arriving to a new country and culture.

Once you have done all the short listings, then you may take a look at the ranking points and arrange your university list according to your interest. I am not saying it is not important but just that it should be a means to the end and not just the end. It is always wise to decide as a whole with all these factors considered and once you have started tour education, you will realize that it pays off!

Good luck! Take a week or so to do your research and I will be back with part 2, explaining how to apply at University Admission Sweden, where ranking your choice also plays an important part.


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Written by Redwan

22 Nov 2015