5 ‘money saving things’ you can do in Växjö!

Let’s face it – bring a student is quite hard. It all starts down with expectations from family and relatives to ‘stand up on your feet’, seeing friends do better then you to meeting deadlines for assignments with all the last minute perfections. To add the icing on the top is the frustration of seeing your wallets empty! So you wonder where did actually your money go…it’s not that you partied so hard that your solid cash transformed to gas state within that pressure! ( physics jokes 😛 )

So you are at Linnaeus University and have been spending your days getting used to the rather expensive nature of the Swedish society. Similarly, the question of ‘what can I do’ arises. Let me share few ideas that helped me initially as it might benefit you too when it comes to saving up on some bucks!

  1. Cooking helps — Yes you guessed that right. It is quite expensive to eat outside here in Sweden and might turn out to be a ‘wallet emptier’ if done on a very regular basis. So it would be good idea to get few supplies for your week and process/cook them home. Usually when you buy in larger amounts, it is more worth per buck per day as you can go quite a few days without spending again. It would be even a great idea to cook with friends.
  2. Nearby shops — Talking about affordable supplies, it would be unfair to point some places where this actually can be realized. Around the university area, Willy’s and Netto are comparatively cheaper and have a wide array of products that students might need to meet their daily appetite. Just few minutes of walk from campus can fetch you good deals as these stores also have occasional sale and offers.
  3. Second hand stores — There are couple of second hand stores in the city of Växjö. The one closest to the campus is called ‘Tempus’ (funny coincidence 😀 ). You can find a lot of things from daily necessities to bicycles and many more. It might be a good idea to visit them and instead of buying brand new things for your new student life, you can get the second-hand ones in good shape. There is also another one in the city center called Lidl.
  4. Cards and memberships — Trust me when I say this, these make your life much easier as a student in Sweden. When you are in and starting out with your studies, don’t forget to become members at Växjö International Students, The Student Union and other association that have various services. With a reasonable fee, you can then have access to lot of fun and activities on and off campus. Get student monthly bus card or just get a cycle for yourself. They reduce your travel cost a lot and Växjö is a beautiful green town. You would surely enjoy exploring it!
  5. Knowing helps — Search, find and keep track! There are many things going around in the city and campus and the best way to be aware. Like relevant FB pages, meet new people, discuss with the university staffs etc. This makes getting around much more easier and it all comes back to help you save on various unnecessary expenses just because you just knew about it.


Image taken from internet


Written by Redwan

04 Nov 2015