Academics and entertainment – balancing it out!

Throughout my experience as a blogger, I have always received questions/comments how to do well in academics and simultaneously not miss out on the fun that goes around. I must say that its not easy and at the same time, not complicated either. All comes down to how your approach and attitude is towards achieving the best of both ends.A good career, self start-up are few of the examples of why people pursue an education. Added to that, the experience of coming abroad in a completely new culture and community, that it often demands us to know and learn more about them, that coming after the initial ‘shock’. So students like us want to mix with the new crowd, experience new activities, undertake adventures or simply party alongside also pursuing their dreams and ambitions in life. So from a student’s perspective, I will today share few tips which have helped me in maintaining that balance. There are definitely many more ways of doing it and I am confident that you all have a distinct way of making it happen.So here it goes –
  • Keep your target in mind – The first and most important thing to do is knowing where you are heading with your education. When you have a clear goal in mind, the remaining steps just fall into places. That works as a renewable motivation whenever you think you won’t make it.


  • Plan, plan and plan! – Well yes, plan well in advance with courses that you will be undertaking in the next couple of weeks. Usually, the syllabus is out early and important deadlines are also mentioned. Thus, take an hour and jot down as to how you tentatively wish to pursue your tasks.


  • Just do it! (hey, no Nike promotion here okay?) 😀 – Planning is itself not enough if you don’t execute it out. So shake up that laziness and try to stick to your plans as much as possible. Stick to your deadlines and dedicate yourself to making sure you meet them.


  • Couple of hours never hurt – Its very commonly seen that students underrate what few focused hours can do. The notion is that so little time is not enough to pull off any work. That is actually a misunderstanding. If you allocate a number of hours daily to your tasks, you would notice how amazingly confident you will become in time in doing well in your studies.


  • Persistence is the key – Yes, keep doing it. Allocate these few hours everyday to your academics. If you keep regularly doing what works, it is bound to pay dividends. Try to be truly engage in what you do and it will be enough.


  • ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ – I am sure you have heard this proverb and it also speaks for itself. Try not to slack off and don’t keep everything for the last moment. If you smoothly follow your self plan, it will surely save you nine stitches and keep you away from being disorganised.
So why do you need all these? Simply because it will avoid stressing you out all the time. The ‘having fun’ part is equally important for students and I always advocate refreshing yourself through it. I earlier mentioned that ‘Persistence is the key’ and it is true for having fun as well. So now, too much nerd talks already. What are the tips for balancing out the entertainment part? Its already given. Just read the above mentioned points but this time instead of studies, just keep entertainment in mind! 😉 ————————————————————————————–Image taken from internet

Written by Redwan

04 Oct 2015