A summary of my first academic year

So, that was pretty much a solid one year I spent in Sweden. Though everything else was fun and been ‘rock n’ rolin’, my academics went quite good as well. So today’s nerdy post is about my experience and learning which I attained in the past year at Linnaeus University.

Masters of Information System, or in other word, Business IT is a very mashed up program. You have to undertake a lot of business courses alongside understanding technology and its usage within a corporate setting. My academic year began with courses that introduced us to Information Systems in general where we had to pick a certain field while writing our final essay. I chose ‘components required to build a good IT society’ where my interest was to study the factors needed to implement technology on a holistic level. Then we took a research methods course, where we learnt about various different ‘paradigms’ or belief system of conducting research. I thought it was particularly helpful because he learnt to write research proposals and defend them – something very similar to the final thesis work that we have to conduct. The knowledge and change management course was 15 credits and spanned for the whole semester. This was quite an interest module where we learnt technical and theoretical aspects of knowledge and change in organizations. We also conducted a practical change management project at an organization here in Växjö which gave us a lot of real-life insights as well!

Moving on to the second semester, we undertook a diverse range of courses. And guess what the first one was? Ethics in IT! That’s right. Whatever you do in life, it is very important that you stick to what is ethical and right. Even though the definition of it varies from culture to culture, but hey – ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans’. Overall it was good to learn about various ethical considerations in IT and how we as professionals should tackle with difficult situation at workplaces. We then move on you two courses which has ‘E’ in front of them! Any guess?!?

Alright, I am gonna go easy on ya’ll. 😀

Its E-security and E-business! ‘E’ as we all know, refers to Electronic. So we were introduced to various terms, definition and models regarding these courses. We learnt about important factors that mould success within E-security in organizations and how a socio-technical approach could be an effective solution to most of the threats out there. Moreover, E-business, which is one of the booming industries in the world today, can really turn around a company’s competitiveness within the industry landscape. Practically we also had the opportunity to analyze a E-commerce website regarding various factors like usability, functionality, payments etc. It gave us a richer understanding of how it all functions on the internet and gets the work fast effectively!

As of now, I am procrastinating this semester. But soon have to speed up to prepare for finals. I will cut it out here today. Too much nerding already for you guys!


Written by Redwan

27 Sep 2015