Hammock Addiction – Sweden is awesome for outdoors!

When I was 15 and lived in Luxembourg, I fell in love with Swedish girl who became my girlfriend. Up until then, I thought that Sweden was a country that was always covered in ice and snow, and that it was always cold and dark. I remember one night that we were having dinner with her family in Luxembourg, and I asked them how it was possible to grow vegetables in Sweden, since I thought that the ground was always frozen. They all started laughing. After a while, they told me that Sweden wasn’t at all that cold during most of the year…

Fast forward 9 years, and here I am, living in Stockholm. And they were totally right: Sweden is only pretty cold during Winter, but the rest of the time it’s totally awesome! Which is totally awesome, since I love spending time outdoors and hanging on hammocks! Today, I thought I’d share with you some of the hammock pictures that I’ve been taking for the past couple of months, in case you (like me) also thought that Sweden was a super cold country.

There is just something amazing about hanging out in the air, looking at the sky, being in the present moment, enjoying the nature around. And hammocks are pretty useful too. They are nice to check out sunsets on, since once the sun disappears and it starts to get cold you can go inside the hammock to warm up.


You can also put it between 2 tall trees and climb up:


Or in a sunny spot in the forest while waiting for the next class:


Or above the water, listening to the sound of the waves crushing against the rocks:


Or on top of hills to get a good panoramic view:

IMAG3243 - Copy

If there is too much wind or brightness, you can go inside the hammock to do some work:


Or you can chill out in style in a park, if you like to be the center of attention 😛


Or you can get a nice tan, and the black colour of the hammock will warm up the surrounding air:


But whatever you use it for, please remember: Life is awesome


Written by Jesús

02 Jun 2015