Giving Thanks…

Phew! Another period, another set of exams. The end of the old and the start of something new and all that. It’s been a wild year, exhilarating with its ups and downs. In a way, Sweden proved to be a dichotomy- mild and peaceful on one hand, with its kind and helpful inhabitants and its laid-back pace of living. Yet, at the same time, it showed itself as a land of wonderful contrast- long winters, long (primed to get even longer) summers and lots o’ diversity. So, here I am,  literally at the halfway point through this wonderful journey I’ve been on, giving thanks to all the wonderful people, customs, and moments that I had the chance to experience:

  • I give thanks to my parents, who in their own unique ways have supported this endeavor of mine time and time again. I can proudly say that (as far as me or my folks know), I am the first of Clan Atwa to venture this far North.
  • I give thanks to my Professors, without whom, I’d be a lot less wiser than I am today. Yes, learning at this level can be like trying to snipe through Swiss Cheese that’s rotating at 5000 RPM, but after all the head-scratching and the moments of self-doubt, I can honestly say it was worth it.
  • I give thanks to the SI (HIIIIIIIIII DOUG AND RACHEL! *waves enthusiastically*)- the awesome folks who gave me this chance to share my life’s story.
  • I give thanks to my dear friend, roommate and colleague Ahmed, who taught me that so many of the limits we have truly are self-imposed, and that it’s never too late to become the very best version of yourself that you could possibly become. Truly, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

All in all, it’s been one helluva’ year, and I’m practically frothing at the bit waiting for the next one- but first, some fun under the summer sun.


Written by Mohamed

25 May 2015