Life is a holiday full of work

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me a really good quote:

It made me smile. And think. Perhaps he is right, and perhaps he is wrong. Perhaps this is good, and perhaps this is bad. One of the things that I like about Sweden is that work is not necessarily seen as a bad thing, but rather a place to thrive and to work towards a meanwhile goal. Or simply as a way of making the world a better place by getting involved in a something worthwhile.

And what is a worthwhile goal anyway? What might be valuable to someone might be a ton of rubbish to someone else… If I went to a beach to chill out and get a tan, I guess that I could call suntanning work. Or?

Perhaps, in order to call it work, it should add value to the world in form of a contribution to others. But how do we measure this contribution? Perhaps, getting the tan would make me happier, and if I would spread this happiness wherever I went, by making others happy and in a good mood, I would add value in their lives by spreading happiness. They would be happier, and spread their happiness around in the same way. Would this be considered a valuable contribution? What if I don’t meet anyone that day? Does that mean that the suntanning is not valuable any longer?

Anyway, I have no clue, and definitely no answers. So I’ll just concentrate on the “holiday” part for this post 😛

Sometimes I work and study hard, and sometimes I chill out hard, to the point that I feel that I’ve mastered the art of chilling… So, what does a typical chilling day look like? The other day was a perfect example:

Waking up, drinking some tea, kissing my girlfriend, picking my bike and going for a forest ride.


Stopping by the beach to get a tan and doing some handstands…


Finding a quiet spot in the woods and setting up my hammock…


Daydreaming, admiring the beauty of nature, learning some flashcards, listening to good music, making future life plans, listening to the birds…


Going for a walk around the forest, finding interesting stuff… Like a chair in the middle of nowhere


Or a cool graffiti on a rock


Trying to climb some trees and hills and hurting myself in the process


Finding another place to set up my hammock


And waiting until the sunset, thanking the universe at every moment for how beautiful life is


And coming home to have an amazing dinner with my girlfriend, after watching the sunset from my balcony


I love life. I love holidays, and I love work. And I love Sweden 😀


Written by Jesús

05 May 2015