Absolut Gotland: T-Minus 35 Days!

Apart pouring over books and pinching pennies, an inescapable part of being a student in Sweden is partying (as is the case anywhere else on this world or off it.)

Thing is, I’m not much of a party animal- leave me to my cozy Friday afternoons with friends watching movies and chomping popcorn thank ye’ very much. But every now and again, I get this itch, see? I start feeling like something’s gotta give, like I’ve been locked up inside my head for too long. When I get like that, it’s go big or go home- no invite-only house party or Friday outing ever can satiate the fathomless, gnawing hunger for shenanigans that comes over me like a man possessed.

So, when I heard that the biggest student party in Sweden was due smack-dab in the middle of May, I decided enough was enough. It was high-time to take all that pent up energy and-

School never bothered me anyway?

Enter Absolut Gotland: A time-honored annual pilgrimage to the island  of Gotland where Swedish students attempt to keep that freak goin’ for three consecutive days.

Complete with:

Patch-peppered overalls!
Humongous Boombox-mobiles!
Team-building exercises!

Those pictures I show above? Not mine, just a bit of Google-fu. But soon, oh SO SOON, I’ll be putting up pictures of my own. *evil maniacal cackle*

I can’t wait!


Written by Mohamed

10 Apr 2015