SUP with Chris, Beach Hammock and Duties

It was a sunny and beautiful day, and I was living in the island. The views from the house were incredible, and the coffee was pretty damn good too.IMAG2181

I had been spending a lot of time writing a report for my thesis (MSc General Management) in Stockholm School of Economics, which ended up having about 8000 words. I had also been busy doing an assignment for the Energy Systems Simulation course in Gävle University (MSc Energy Engineering). But luckily, I had some great views to do all this work.IMAG2094 IMAG2077

Around midday, I was going to meet up with my friend Chris to go stand up paddling (SUP). It was the perfect work break. So we put on the wetsuits, pumped the boards, and left.


We paddled for about 10km in total. We first went along the coast of Djurgården, and we then went to explore some natural reserve islands. They were pretty small and incredibly beautiful. And they were uninhabited. There’s just something super cool that I love about setting foot in some island where I know I’m the only person. I feel like the king of the island 😀


I thought it was going be a relaxing paddle, since it was Chris’ first time trying out SUP. But he picked it up super quick and was paddling like a bullet 😀


We went past about 5 or 6 little islands before we got super hungry and came back home.


After Chris left, I went over to the beach to finish the report on my hammock.


But I also ended up playing in the sand.


When sunset came, it was incredibly beautiful and calm. I felt like I was in heaven.


And perhaps I was. But one day I’ll wake up!

But anyway, after the sunset, I went back to the house and repaired one of the boards which had a hole in it.


And after that, I went to clean the motor boat, since we are soon going to put it in the water.


After the cleaning, I went to cut down some wood…


So that I could light a nice chimney fire to warm up my feet when I came back from having dinner at my friend’s place 🙂


Written by Jesús

27 Mar 2015