The Best Sunday of the Year?

I don’t know how scientific this is, but in my mind:

With that in mind, let’s get the day started:

Cycling 20km

Woke up at 8:30am and it was cloudy… Since tea always makes my day brighter, I prepared a few tea cups on my coffee brewer, and drank them while wondering if I should pack my hammock or not. When I finished the tea, the tea magic had worked its way: I looked outside, and it had gotten so much brighter: blue sky and a crazy sun. So I took my bike and cycled to the island where my boat is docked.

IMAG1632This time I tried a new route, and I was so happy I did, since the landscapes were pretty damn great.IMAG1636

Sailing (4-5h)

I met my adventure friend N halfway, bought some food on the way, and got to the boat. It was the perfect day for sailing.


We went past some nice islands


And we even found this abandoned boat:


We tried out a few tricky maneuvers with the boat, which was a bit tricky since there was so much wind! IMAG1692

It was so much fun and we laughed so much. The waves were pretty high at some points, and you could see the white foam on top of many waves, which is a sign that the wind is crazy strong. The way back was much trickier, since we had to do the zigzag maneuvers and we are both pretty crappy sailors. In addition, I gave up long time ago having a motor on the boat, so now I never put it on. Which means that if the sails would rip, or if the mast would get screwed, then we would get screwed too. But living is a risky business, and the only guarantee that we have is that we will die one day. 🙂 So I’d rather not get too concerned with the small risks of life associated with doing “adventurous” stuff.IMAG1703

Stand Up Paddling, SUP (2h)

When we came back from sailing, the sun had mostly dissipated. But since summer is a mental attitude, we put on the wetsuits, and we went sailing with my good friend R, who loves stand up paddling herself and has a few boards at her place. She’s such a cool and energetic person, and I consider her as a role model in most areas of life.

IMAG1716We went paddling for a while, drifted along the wind, and then struggled to make out way back, but it was awesome. We watched sunset from the water, which is like a million times better than watching it from the sea.


Wood and Branches Chopping (1.5h)

When we got back from SUPing, N and I went to cut down a few tree branches by the beach. When we did that, we went to chop down some firewood for the wood stove.


Beach Swim

Cutting all that wood was pretty exhausting, so we went for a quick dip at the beach to cool down.



After the dip and shower, we cooked an amazing dinner: Roasted salmon with veggies and an avocado salad. We had a lovely evening with our friend R, who always has amazing and fun stories to share. Thank you for the great evening R!!! 😀 You are the best host ever!


Cycling back home (30km)

After dinner, we cycled back to town. We stopped by a lake to just stare at the city lights. It was a pretty cool sight, seeing the half frozen lake and the far-away-building lights reflected on it. My plan was to leave the bike in town, but since I had to wait quite a while for the tube, I simply went back home cycling. I even took a little detour by some nice spots, since it was an amazing evening.

Thank you so much to N and R, you guys are some of my best friends and make my life so much better! All the best and let’s keep the fun life rolling!


Written by Jesús

10 Mar 2015